Thursday, April 24, 2014

Another Spring Break Staycation

By the time Spring Break came around, Edith had come down with Big's cold and cough. She was miserable. We managed to fit a few activities in toward the end of the week, but the beginning was really just about hanging out at home. No one wanted to play with Edith because she was so whiny, snotty, and sad, which made her even more sad. Especially after having Big to play with all day every day the week before. Poor kid. 

I tried to do a few things with Edith to make her feel better. It was funny when we played Sequence for Kids-- I couldn't remember if I needed to get 3 or 4 chips in a row to win, so I asked Edith, "How many chips do I need to get in a row to win?" Her quick response was, "Forty-two because you're 42 years old." Ha! No one would ever accuse her of not being competitive.

Big was pretty miserable the first part of the week, too. He's not very good at just hanging out at home. I tried to send him outside as much as I could. He brought me this lovely tulip from the front yard. He knows they're my favorite.

Just going outside wasn't quite enough for Big to be happy, so I gave in to his pleading and we worked in the yard. I can't believe how many pine needles there were. I forget how pleasant Big is to work with. He really does love it (and takes it so seriously).

We took the kids to the museum on Thursday afternoon since Edith seemed to be a bit better (Wednesday was horrible). It's always nice to culture the kids a little. 

I had the three youngest stand on the same sculpture that they stood on almost exactly one year ago. It's so fun to see how much they've changed. I think I'll do it again next year, too.

On Friday Rophone had the great idea to go out for an ice cream treat. The kids were happy to oblige (great acting for the camera, Rophone!).

The weather was perfect for hiking and I was happy that a few kids were eager to go with me on Saturday. Edith really wanted to go but was still too sick. I felt bad because I know how much she loves it. I can't wait to get her out soon. Pen, Big, and I had a blast, though. The perfect end to our Spring Break staycation. I'm so glad that hiking season is here again.

I really enjoy having a simple Spring Break at home (I sure don't want the kids expecting something grand every year. Ha!). It would have been better if everyone had been healthy, but hopefully we'll get that next time. We managed to have a good time anyway. It's hard to be back in school, but I know that the school year will be over before we know it (Ack!). Then our Summer staycation will begin...


Tamsen said...

Let's make it a tradition to go on a hike when we are together (weather permitting, of course). Looks like fun! I could sure use Big's help around our place. We just cut a ton of branches off our trees--I can just picture him loving helping to haul branches with his cousins...And they could learn a lot from his good work ethic! :)

The Laundry Queen said...

I think it's a great idea to go on a hike when we're together. I know my kids would love to explore with yours. Big would have loved to haul your branches-- save a project for him the next time we come!

Sue said...

Spring Break Stay-cation is great, but even better when everyone is healthy. I'm glad you got to do a few cool things. We need to get together.