Thursday, April 24, 2014

Back at It

The first Monday after Spring Break Edith and I took Pen to take the test for her driving permit. She passed! Edith did a little dance to celebrate her big sister's success.

I could tell Edith was beginning to feel much better by Tuesday. We managed to go to the park and take her babies on walk all in one day. Yes, she picked out her own lovely outfit. And, yes, her favorite color is still blue. :) 

When Rophone came home on Friday he invited the kids to play basketball with him. He didn't have to ask twice. They had such a great time.

On Saturday we managed to dye Easter eggs. Only the three youngest wanted to participate this year. The older girls were total party poopers. As the years go on it's becoming more evident that the way we spaced our kids is kind of like having two separate families. As the boys get older it might be kind of like we have three. Anyway, dyeing the eggs was loads of fun. They all get so into it. Big, I think, is the most obsessed with the whole thing. I'm pretty sure that next year I won't have to help Edith at all. She's getting so old!

I love doing things with my kids and watching them conquer new things as they grow. Although, I will admit, I'm a lot more comfortable with the younger ones dyeing eggs on their own and mastering play structures than I am with Pen getting behind the wheel. Ack!


Tamsen said...

Congrats to Pen! How is she that old?!? My boys lasted about 5-10 min. with the eggs this year; wish we could have joined your kids :)

jww said...

No kidding. I'm not a very good passenger when P drives. It's not his fault--it's mine--but... boy howdy.

How exciting for Pen!!

Sue said...

I love the picture of Pen smiling and looking down at Edith!