Thursday, April 24, 2014

Some Bunny Loves Us

Rophone had to work on Easter morning so the kids had to wait patiently (or not so patiently) for him to get home before we could see what the Easter Bunny brought. After lunch we finally got the chance. Can you feel the anticipation?

Rophone then led the kids in one by one, hoping that I could get good shots of each. The space is pretty small, though, but I did my best.

Edith loves that bunny shirt. She has worn it the past two days in a row. 

Big loves the superhero underwear he received. He had the whole week of which pair/which day all planned out. Not only are they awesome, but they're super comfortable, too, he says. Bonus.

The other kids were a little harder to capture with the light behind them. 

Bud and Pen loved their shirts, but set them aside to be put on after the hunt was over. 

Ginger? Well, she was so excited about her underwear that she just couldn't wait to put them on.


Let the hunt begin! Each kid had a set of 5 eggs in a certain color they were supposed to find. Pen found one of her green eggs and was feeling gypped because she thought it was empty. 

Dollar bill = not empty. Psych! Ha!

And it continues…

Sometimes a change in perspective helps.

I think my favorite two moments of the hunt were when Edith proudly showed off how she refolded the shirt she got (I know she's blurry, but the girl has skills!)...

…and when Pen was totally stumped trying to find her last egg. All of the eggs were the same large size…except for one of Pen's. Her last egg was this little teeny thing that the Easter Bunny hid between the hi-hat cymbals. It was so funny when we were telling her she was getting hotter and hotter and she cried out, thinking she was looking for an egg the size of the others, "You don't know what you're talking about! There is no possible way an egg is hiding anywhere near here!!" Ha! It was hilarious. Devious Easter Bunny. 

I managed to snap a quick photo of the kids before we headed out to Grandma and Grandpa Gorilla's house for dinner. I love the way it's kind of unintentionally coordinated, but doesn't look too coordinated. I guess it just comes to us naturally. :)

Dinner at Grandpa Gorilla's was so nice. Super relaxing, which was just perfect. Edith absolutely loved their dog.

And Big absolutely loved hanging out with his grandpa. Big could talk for ages about stuff and so could Grandpa, so that's just what they did. In the pictures they're fixing a pepper shaker and talking about how to steer a horse. Important stuff. We're so glad they had us over.

Easter was really lovely this year (once the loooong, whiny wait of the morning was over anyway. Ha.). It was all that I'd hoped for-- relaxing and fun. Can't get much better than that. 


Tamsen said...

Delaney in the Lucky Charms underwear (totally my favorite as a kid-- even had a Lucky Charms nightgown) is AWESOME!!! Love the group shot of the kids. So good of everyone.

jww said...

OH, that's great!! What fantastic photos. My favorite part is Ginger in the underwear, but mainly because she kept them on for the entire hunt. That's hilarious.

Sue said...

Yes, the lucky charms underwear - awesome! I love the pic of Edith looking down at her basket with a grin, SO CUTE.