Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Baller

Big has been playing basketball again over the past month. I made this little side-by-side comparison picture the other day to show how nothing much has changed.

(I still can't believe that he could dribble and even get off the ground for a jump shot with good form like that when he was two.) Anyway, although it looks like nothing much has changed (except for the fall-away jump shot he's trying to add in this year), there really are a lot of things that are different-- even just since last season. 

Big really worked on his rebounding, scored more (most games he had double doubles), and tried really hard this season to pass to the younger kids so they could make a basket, too. So nice to watch him try to help his teammates. 

I am most amazed at Big's court sense. When one of his teammates is bringing the ball down the same side of the court that he's on, he instinctively moves to the weak side so as not to crowd his teammate and to be ready for the pass or to get the rebound. It's so fun to watch him play because of that. And he still has a blast playing, so that makes it fun to watch, too. 

So, I guess that the two things that really haven't changed is that he still has a natural ability and a love for the game-- the two most important things to have besides height (please be tall, please be tall…). 

I wasn't able to get great pictures of him playing this season, but I think I got a few I can share. 

Yes, that girl is super tall. 

A determined race for the rebound. He won the ball. 

Big made a shot at the buzzer in one of his games and then ran around the court with a huge grin on his face and his arms out wide in celebration. A dad from the opposing team was next to me and he asked, "Does he watch a lot of basketball?" I replied, "The games are usually on after he goes to bed so he just watches the highlights." The dad smiled as he watched Big and said, "Ah. That explains it." So funny. 

Big has his last game tonight and, I have to admit, it's kind of a relief. The short one-month seasons are just about perfect at this age, and I know I have another season to look forward to in the winter. I can hardly wait! We love watching you play, Big!


patti's place said...

It's wonderful that he is natural and likes what he is good at doing. Thanks for posting.

CarrieMarie said...

i LOVE that you can tell how much he loves it by the pictures. :D

jww said...

I love that he's a natural. It's pretty cool to see the sweet shots from a little guy. (Don't tell him I said he's little.) What great photos!!!