Thursday, November 13, 2014

Trikes and Hikes

It seems like we've been spending most of our time this fall going on hikes and tricycle rides. Pretty much perfect. We even got Rophone to join us for a few of our neighborhood tricycle rides and Edith was in heaven. Ginger and Big even came along once, too! Awesome. 

Edith was thrilled when her Halloween costume arrived. She wore it for about a week straight, until I made her take a break to let the sore spots made on her collarbone by the straps heal. 

For that whole week, we took Wonder Woman out to fly her invisible jet. It was such a blast watching her.

I tell you, Edith can be whining all day and then I take her on a tricycle ride and it's like this:

Riding her tricycle makes everything right in the world. You can tell. Until we get back home again, anyway. That's when we pull out the hot cocoa. :)

This girl just cracks me up.

We got to go on a hike with Grandma Gorilla and her dog, Sammy, one day. It was a lot of fun. 

What a blast. We've been having such a great fall so far!

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