Friday, November 14, 2014

The Best Day

Every year, a few days after Halloween, we get to celebrate one of the best days of the year-- Rophone's birthday!! Just look at this handsome man I snagged!

Edith and I ran a special covert errand to buy her daddy's birthday balloons. I took Edith along because she knows just what he likes. 

Perfect choices, Edith! Rophone's main birthday gift ended up being a new battery for the car (he picked out just the one he wanted), so his birthday was really about the food he requested and the cards made by the kids. I didn't get nearly the pictures I should have, but here we go. 

Rophone's birthday morning started out with a lovely breakfast of gluten free waffles with buttermilk syrup and cheesy scrambled eggs. I must say, it was delish! We really had a nice and relaxing day around the house. Sometimes just knowing you don't have to go anywhere or do anything feels like a gift. A birthday gift!

We were so glad that Rophone's dad and his wife (Grandpa and Grandma Gorilla) were able to come for dinner and dessert (I didn't even take their picture! Agh!). It always feels more like a party when people come over. We had pasta with sauce and jalapeƱo mango chicken sausage, along with some steamed veggies, and delicious fruit brought by our guests. It was so good. 

After dinner, we watched Rophone open his cards and his "big" gift I picked up as a surprise. The best part was when Edith "read" her cards to Rophone. Every card mentioned (multiple times) that the Rainbow Dash balloon was supposed to become hers the next day when his birthday was over. I think we got the point. It was hilarious.

Rophone's dad wrote him a letter-- it was really lovely. Better than a material gift, that's for sure.

After the cards it was time for Rophone to open the "big" gift that he wasn't expecting. Bud helped me pick out just the right thing. Cushy, black socks! I was talking the gift up a bit, like it was really special. Judging by the look on Big's face as Rophone opens his present, I don't think he agrees about it special-ness. Ha!

All that's important is that Rophone was thrilled and has been enjoying having well-padded feet inside his shoes. Big's still at the age where good socks don't matter. He'll get it someday. :)

After gifts it was time for the main event. I mean, let's be honest, it's all really about the blowing out of candles and eating the cake, right? Especially when it's homemade cheesecake. No one seems bummed that it's Rophone's favorite. 

Happy Birthday, Rophone! We're so happy to celebrate you! You are everything to us.

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jww said...

That is AWESOME!! I love the card from Edith with next-day balloon instructions. What a fun day!