Friday, November 14, 2014

Not Just Edith

I'm so excited! This post isn't only about Edith! Well, a lot of it is, but there are other kids in it, too. 

I adore how Edith is such a fashionista-- she loves to put together her own outfit creations. Before we put the Halloween costumes away, she managed to self-style an awesome two-skirt Batgirlwoman outfit. I think it looks awesome. 

Of course we went on another tricycle ride.

While Edith was riding, I tried out the macro setting on my phone camera app. The sidewalk looks so, so cool. The early evening sun created just the perfect lighting. 

I tried it out again to take this cool photo of Big's eye while we were waiting for Pen to come out of school. If only it weren't for that one, errant eyelash. I have such an OCD personality. Ha!

I can't wait to fiddle with the macro setting some more. 

Bud convinced me to walk the kids to the park one day last week. I'm glad he did, because now it's too cold to go. We had such a great time. Big and I even tossed the football back and forth a bit. We need to do that more because I really enjoy it.

I've been trying to remind the kids that they can do fun things together. Without me. I think they forget that sometimes, and I'm trying really hard to make sure they know that I am not the only source of their entertainment and happiness. They need to figure out how to create it for themselves. Anyway, Ginger decided to take my advice and she invited Bud and Edith to make cookies with her. They had a blast. It was so fun to watch and to not have to be involved (except in an advisory capacity).

Edith insisted we get out of the house early to go pick the kids up from school one afternoon, which left us with a bunch of time to kill while we waited. So, while Edith explored around in the car, I took some pictures. 

Out of all of the cute photos I took, I think this next one is actually my favorite. She stopped moving around the car for a minute and this happened:

Ha! Poor, tired zombie-child. I know just how you feel, Edith. The same thing happens to me when I sit for a few. She shook it off and got her second wind, though, posing for this just minutes later.

She's alive! Oh, how I love this girl. Both versions. :)

This week was Red Ribbon Week at the boys' school and Wednesday was crazy hair/mustache day. Bud decided that his everyday curls were crazy enough, but Big let me shave his hair into a horseshoe-head mullet. Rad. I should have buzzed the center shorter to really make it noticeable, but I knew Big wouldn't want his whole head of hair that short later. Anyway, it still looked awesome.

After the boys left for school, Edith told me she felt left out. Not too hard to remedy the situation. 

There was no way I was going to turn her down when Edith asked if she could take some selfies while I was doing dishes. 

So awesome. I figured we might as well make it a complete spa day with a mani pedi. A mani pedi and gettin' your mustache did = best spa day ever! Ha! Edith has really been practicing her wink.

Edith and I weren't sure what we could possibly do with our day yesterday to top our spa day, but then she had a grand idea-- tattoos! She was pretty bummed that I wasn't going to give her real tattoos, but she got over it when I told her I wasn't a very good artist. She was happy with the results, anyway.

While we were doing tattoos, the first snow of the season began to fall. Our little Elsa just had to run out to touch it. 

It's not like we don't get enough snow around here, but for some reason the first snow is exciting every time. When the boys got home they were eager to play in the snow and invited Edith to play, too. It cracked me up how long they stayed outside, playing joyfully in the one inch that had fallen. And the fact that all three were playing together nicely, reminding Edith how to make snow angels and snowballs was priceless. Something wonderful to see take place, and no fights to break up….it's a first-snow miracle. Totally worth the pile of soggy snow clothes. Maybe that's why the first snowfall is so exciting to me every year! 

 We've been having such a good time these past few months. Life really is good.

The Best Day

Every year, a few days after Halloween, we get to celebrate one of the best days of the year-- Rophone's birthday!! Just look at this handsome man I snagged!

Edith and I ran a special covert errand to buy her daddy's birthday balloons. I took Edith along because she knows just what he likes. 

Perfect choices, Edith! Rophone's main birthday gift ended up being a new battery for the car (he picked out just the one he wanted), so his birthday was really about the food he requested and the cards made by the kids. I didn't get nearly the pictures I should have, but here we go. 

Rophone's birthday morning started out with a lovely breakfast of gluten free waffles with buttermilk syrup and cheesy scrambled eggs. I must say, it was delish! We really had a nice and relaxing day around the house. Sometimes just knowing you don't have to go anywhere or do anything feels like a gift. A birthday gift!

We were so glad that Rophone's dad and his wife (Grandpa and Grandma Gorilla) were able to come for dinner and dessert (I didn't even take their picture! Agh!). It always feels more like a party when people come over. We had pasta with sauce and jalapeƱo mango chicken sausage, along with some steamed veggies, and delicious fruit brought by our guests. It was so good. 

After dinner, we watched Rophone open his cards and his "big" gift I picked up as a surprise. The best part was when Edith "read" her cards to Rophone. Every card mentioned (multiple times) that the Rainbow Dash balloon was supposed to become hers the next day when his birthday was over. I think we got the point. It was hilarious.

Rophone's dad wrote him a letter-- it was really lovely. Better than a material gift, that's for sure.

After the cards it was time for Rophone to open the "big" gift that he wasn't expecting. Bud helped me pick out just the right thing. Cushy, black socks! I was talking the gift up a bit, like it was really special. Judging by the look on Big's face as Rophone opens his present, I don't think he agrees about it special-ness. Ha!

All that's important is that Rophone was thrilled and has been enjoying having well-padded feet inside his shoes. Big's still at the age where good socks don't matter. He'll get it someday. :)

After gifts it was time for the main event. I mean, let's be honest, it's all really about the blowing out of candles and eating the cake, right? Especially when it's homemade cheesecake. No one seems bummed that it's Rophone's favorite. 

Happy Birthday, Rophone! We're so happy to celebrate you! You are everything to us.

A Little Backtrack

During the week of Halloween, between carving the pumpkins on Sunday and Halloween on Friday, Edith and I managed to have a little more fun going tricycle riding and hiking. Imagine that! 

It was a little too cold that week for Edith to go tricycle riding in her Wonder Woman costume but, luckily, we found another option in the costume box. 

It might be too cold for Wonder Woman, but it's never too cold for wings. I never get tired of watching this girl ride.

Edith and I went on another hike in the canyon the next day before meeting up with Grandma Gorilla and Edith's 2nd cousin, Lolo, to explore. Lolo is a little more than a year older than Edith, but they were perfectly matched. With the two of them together, there was almost more cuteness than a person can handle. Seriously. 

Edith and Lolo had fun exploring a hidden cave and climbing on big boulders. Then they would sit and look for pretty rocks to take home and talk about life before doing it all over again. 

It was so much fun to watch these two together. Hopefully we'll be able to do it again soon! 

I am so pleased with how much outdoor time we've gotten in this fall. It has been so nice. It's getting a little cold now, but I'm already looking forward to the spring!

Pumpkins and Stuff

We had a great Halloween this year. It all started, of course, with the pumpkin carving. When we were opening up all of the pumpkins, Bud's was rotten inside despite feeling totally firm on the outside. Bummer. Pen stepped in and saved the day by donating her pumpkin to Bud, saying all she really wanted was to be able to carve one and it didn't have to be hers. Thanks, Pen! And I won, too, because Pen carved Edith's pumpkin leaving me with one less to carve. Yessss!

After cleaning out the pumpkins, we carefully selected the designs we wanted and started poking!

Ginger carved her own surprised/scared "Casper" pumpkin and Pen carved Edith's princess. So nice to have capable kids! I really love the way our pumpkins turned out this year.

We were reminded of just how old the girls are getting by the fact that we pretty much didn't see them on Halloween, as they had their own stuff planned. It's weird how it's starting to feel around here-- like I only have 3 kids sometimes. With 5 kids worth of dishes and laundry. :)

Ginger was in such a rush to get out the door for school on Halloween that I didn't even get a chance to take a picture of her costume, and we didn't see her again until late that night. So sad about that. Anyway, Ginger went as an "identity thief". She borrowed one of Rophone's shirts and we plastered it with dozens of the "Hello my name is.." tags with different people's names on them. Easy and cute. She had a great Halloween with one of her neighbor friends-- they did stuff from right after school until late that night. Quite the Halloween.

I did manage to snap a quick photo of Pen's baby doll costume as she rushed out the door to meet her friends. She came up with the costume idea all on her own and I think it was great.

Edith decided that she wanted to go as Wonder Woman to the kids' Halloween parade at school, and then wear a bunny costume we found in the box at night to stay warmer. Sounds like a perfect plan. She was so excited to wear her costume (again) and go see the parade.

The school principal was at the start of the parade and he had one of the "punniest" costumes I've ever seen. It made me groan aloud. Can you figure it out?

Chicken cord-on blue. Get it? 

As usual, Bud tried to whiz past us as fast as he could to avoid getting his picture taken. He looks excited, doesn't he? Luckily, this is the last year he has to march-- next year he gets to go roller skating instead. He's so relieved.

Big, of course, was the complete opposite. 

I snapped more photos before we went out trick-or-treating that night. We decided just to turn off the porch light and not even give out candy so that I could tag along. It's been years since I've gone and it was so fun. 

A pretty steely eyed Batman, that's for sure. Don't tell Big, but Edith tried it on while he was at school. Shhhh….

Wonder Woman, Batman, and now a bunny. The girl's amazing. And so dang cute.

I asked the kids for one last group shot before we headed out. They were thrilled about the idea. Ha!

I loved watching the kids trick-or-treat, and I was so pleased at how friendly and polite they were. Edith even thanked a plastic skeleton holding a candy bowl and a few unattended bowls on porches. Good girl! :)

It really was such a fantastic Halloween. All you have to do is look at this picture to know that it's true:

Happy Halloween! Thanks for making it so fun, kids!