Thursday, November 12, 2015

...and Continues... (aka Museum Day!)

After another hearty breakfast of steel cut oats, we were ready to head out for Museum Day! I call it that because we visited 3 major art museums in one day. Yes, three. And we didn't even feel rushed. For real.

I hope I remember correctly where all of these photos are from. Luckily I have people in my family who know better if I'm wrong. :) 

First up-- the Guggenheim! 

As we left our temporary Harlem home that morning, I snapped a quick photo as we walked. 

Art took one as we were walking down the sidewalk toward the museum. It was such a beautiful day.

We were allowed to take pictures in the lobby of the museum, but nowhere else. I'm okay with that. Amazing!

I love the way the exhibit is set up in an ongoing spiral so you never have to wonder where to go next, or if you've already been in a room or not, like happens in a lot of museums. The main exhibit in the Guggenheim was that of an artist named Alberto Burri. None of us had ever heard of him before but, WOW. His work was amazing. It just breathed life and emotion. I wish I could go take another look.

The Guggenheim was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Yeah, you know who I mean. (He rocks. Good job on the museum, Frank.) We decided to eat lunch in the museum's restaurant, The Wright. It was this really cool retro space located in the museum's underbelly. Such a cool atmosphere to enjoy some excellent food. Seriously. One of my favorite meals of the trip (aside from the steel cut oats, of course). I wouldn't mind having the cannellini beans that were nestled in the juices from my chicken and grilled endive hooked up as an IV drip. Delicious.

After lunch, we headed to The Met! What a humongous building housing an incredible amount of art. We could have spent a lot more time there than we did, but we saw what we really wanted to and managed to stay within our schedule. (We had to make it to MoMA within the free Friday admission hours!)

The view from the rooftop was gorgeous.

And there was so much cool art inside. Some of it creepy!

And I had to take some pictures of parts of art, of course.

We made it to MoMA with a little light left in the day so we could enjoy the sculpture garden. I loved it. Such cool stuff on display.

And here Art caught me taking pictures of parts of art yet again.

It was really such a great museum day. To cap it all off, we grabbed a quick dinner at Hale and Hearty and then headed to Opera's performance. Probably a good thing to do, since that's why we were telling people we were there and all. It was great to see Opera do her thing. I'm so glad she is getting a chance to pursue what she loves. It's what I wish for everyone. 

Phew! Another fun-filled day in the can. Next stop...Empire State Building and Broadway!

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patti's place said...

Museum day was great and lunch at The Wright was so tasty. Just wished we'd remember to use our 10% off coupon (one of the reasons we chose the place) but it was wonderful!