Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Trip of All Trips: The End

This is the last trip post. I'm not kidding. Like all good things, it has to come to an end. The trip was good, I mean. I'm not so sure about the posts. Ha! But, don't worry, this last one will be short.

We went to brunch at a lovely little place called Le Pain Quotidien. It was a fairly quick stop, since we had to be sure to make it to The Frick before we headed to the airport to go home.  Do we look tired? :)

The Frick is an amazing museum-- I just can't believe it used to be someone's home! Seriously such a cool building. I almost found myself admiring the architecture more than the fabulous art housed within. I guess Henry Frick was quite a dastardly chap, but his NYC "house" was cool. :)

Our plan originally called for Art to head to the airport by herself since her flight was quite a bit earlier than ours, and the rest of us would find a way to kill a few hours before going to the airport. Then we decided maybe we'd just all go together and play some cards at the airport while we waited. It's a good thing we did! There was some construction on the subway line, so we had to take a totally convoluted route to get there. Luckily Martha was there to decipher the confusing directions of our new route and get Art there on time. She barely made it! Phew!

The trip home was pretty uneventful, except for when we got to the car park and found the car dead as a doornail. Awesome. I guess leaving on a dome light really sucks the battery. Luckily the nice guys at the car park were able to jump the car and get us on our way. Considering all we did over the 4 days of our trip, I'm really glad that the only real bumps came at the end. 

It was seriously the most well-planned, fun-filled vacation I could have imagined. Thanks for making it happen, Mom! 


patti's place said...

It was a great trip and almost perfect. We missed not having Tamsen with us! I think we should do it again another time so we ALL can party!

CarrieMarie said...

LOVED all these posts & pictures! So glad y'all had fun & got to spend time together. : )