Friday, November 20, 2015

What Comes After Halloween

Rophone's birthday is just a few days after Halloween. Every year. Crazy, I know. Sometimes I get worried that in the midst of all of the Halloween festivities I'll forget to get anything ready for his birthday, but it hasn't happened yet. And, I will say, I think that the birthday balloon color and pattern combination I managed to put together is probably my favorite one yet (but, of course I didn't take a photo).

We kept things pretty low key, just as Rophone likes it. A little pizza for dinner and homemade cheesecake for dessert. Grandma Fish and Grandma and Grandpa Gorilla came to help us celebrate. It was lovely and relaxing.

Happy Birthday, Rophone! We love you and we're so glad to call you ours! 

P.S. He got his wish-- the kids' Kickstarter campaign funded the very next day. Thanks to generous support from friends and family, Crayons Go Berserk is going to happen. Woohoo!

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