Friday, February 12, 2016

Back on the Hamster Wheel

It was a little tough to get back to the reality and redundancy of regular life after the reunion, but thankfully there are always a few things that happen to spice things up. Sometimes that something is a fart. Edith and I decided to do an impromptu photo shoot as we were waiting in the car for Ginger while she was at the orthodontist. 

I had just finished telling Edith she's beautiful when, "Tooooooot!" she farted like a little trumpet! It was hilarious! After the initial shock, we laughed and laughed. 

And then we laughed and laughed some more. It really was so funny.

I absolutely adore this last shot of her. She's so carefree and relaxed as she's slumped against the door, laughing, and I can see a glimpse of the older person she's going to become. Edith is fabulous. I can't wait to keep getting to know her as she gets older.

Edith set up the checkers one day. Ummm...that messes with my head a little. I think I'll forfeit. Yikes!

Basketball games started back up right after the break, too. Big is loving playing on two teams. They're playing up a grade in their club league, so there is often a big height disadvantage, but it doesn't stop Big from going for it anyway. I love that.

They get pretty creamed every time, so it's good Big has the city league games to excel in. He's having a lot of fun and I can see his skills really improving. 

Edith keeps improving in her reading skills. I love having her read to me in her little voice. 

Edith was super happy about this outfit that she assembled one day, so she asked me to take a picture of it. So cute.

She has a cousin that just naturally poses sassily for pictures, so I asked Edith if she wanted to do a pose, just to see what she'd do. Yeah, this. Ha!

I then suggested maybe we should take another with her just standing there. 

Such a cutie pie. And, she's right, the outfit is adorable. When I showed Edith the pictures I snapped she said, "Oh my gosh, Mom! You have to post the one where I'm posing on Instagram! I look like I'm going to poop!" Then she cracked up at herself. I love that kid.

Later that day, Davis and Merit came into the room and Davis announced, "Merit has been calling me the funniest nickname and she says she got it from you."
Me: "Oh, really? What's the nickname?"
Davis: "Old Lady."
Me: "How did you get that from me, Merit? Have you heard me call someone that when I'm driving or something?" 
Merit: "No, I just looked at you and it came to me."
Me: "Oh." 
That girl is seriously way too quick witted for a 4 year old. 

We've gotten plenty of snow over the past few weeks, which I'm super happy about. Anything to cover up the brown this time of year. Plus, we finally got good snow people snow! I was excited that I could keep my promise to Edith that we would build a snow person together, and Big decided to join in the fun, too. I love how they turned out.

Edith has really been into serving up food and drink from her "café" lately. It's all super tasty, and the "vegetarian coffee made from horse" was much better than I expected. Just the other day she served me more coffee and as I pretended to sip it she said, "It has a touch of lemon...and lots of meat!" I think she may be trying to start a trend.

The month of January was definitely all about getting back to normal, and it's shown me that our normal is really pretty great. 


Michael Maughan said...

I love you honey. Great memories

jww said...

The pictures of Edith in the car are so stinkin' cute. The "real-ness" of some of them (candid-ness, I suppose) is just fun and sweet. Good job, Big, with basketball (despite getting creamed). I have to say I love the wig on the snowman/lady. Hilarious.