Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It's All About Ginger!

It's really kind of hard to believe, but Ginger is 15! It really doesn't seem like it's been long enough since we celebrated that birthday for Pen, but I guess it has. Yikes! We kept things low-key and simple, just celebrating as a family. It was really nice.

Ginger wanted a cake with lots of rainbow sprinkles, so this is what she got. I wasn't paying attention when I assembled it so it ended up pretty lopsided, and the cake was too moist to pick up and roll the sides in sprinkles, but I think Ginger was pretty happy with how it turned out. Sufficient sprinkles, it seems. Plus, she told me she could eat a whole bowl of the new frosting I tried out. So, I'll call it a success!

Just a few simple gifts, but that's always best. I love her smile as she opens her gifts. Her personality really shows. 

Her favorite gift was in this box: an enlarged print from a very good photographer-traveler friend of mine that Ginger follows on Instagram. She's had her eye on this print of his for a while, so even though she knew what she was getting she was super excited about it. 

The whole turning-a-year-older thing isn't official until the candles are blown out. I was so happy the cake hadn't slid. Ginger was so happy to see the sprinkles. 

Yay! Ginger is 15!! She is such a delight to have around and I'm so glad she's a member of our family. Happy Birthday, Ginger! We love you!


jww said...

Awesome. I love the cake! Happy Birthday, Ginger. (Your photographer-traveler friend is the same as my photographer-traveler friend, correct??) :)

The Laundry Queen said...

Yes, jww-- the same fabulous friend. :)