Monday, February 29, 2016

The In-between

We have bookend birthdays in the month of February, but there are usually a few things that happen in between the celebrations that I should probably mention. Life can't always be about parties and cake. Too bad, I know.

Some pretty darn exciting things happened this February, actually, so it's good I didn't just skip mentioning them. February has been a ton of fun! The Sunday after Ginger's birthday, we received a call at about 1 pm from a local news station about doing a story on the kids' game. What?? Sure!! We had a van pulling up out front by about 3 pm. That was quick! I didn't even try to tell the kids to play it cool and not look too eager-- this is something to act excited about!


The cameraman asked us all questions and took some footage of the kids doing different things for an hour and a half or so. The kids were on the 9:00 news that night! Well, all except Ginger, that is. At least they showed her hands holding my phone as she played the game. Sorry, Ginger. Still super fun, though.

The next day, I took Ginger to go get her permit. 


On the Thursday of that week, Edith and I went to the elementary school to watch Bud compete in the school spelling bee. It was super exciting, and Bud placed 3rd!! Woohoo!

Once they abandoned the list, which most of the participants had clearly studied well, the kids started dropping like flies. Bud got out on the word "nonplus." I was in my seat chanting in my head "don't add a second 's' to the end" over and over again, but I don't seem to be telepathic. Bud had only seen the word "nonplussed" so he hesitated and then added the second 's'. Totally cool, though, and understandable. And, of course, it was the only word he didn't know in the round. If he'd made it through, it could have just as easily been him in 1st place. But, that's the way spelling bees go. I just love to watch him participating.

On President's Day, we traveled up to the big city to be on another news program. Such a fun adventure! We didn't realize that it was going to be live until we got there, so the kids got a little nervous, but they did so great! The first news story was short (less than a minute), but this one was much longer and was done like a talk show! Before the break, the host was talking about Kanye's new app, after the break he was talking with the kids. Ha! So much fun for the kids to be a part of it. 

I have been taking Ginger driving a bunch and, thankfully, she's really good! It's actually not very stressful and we enjoy ourselves. As long as we make sure we're both well fed before we go out, I think it will stay that way.

Big finished out both of his basketball seasons on Edith's birthday. We loved it, but it will be kind of nice to have a little break before soccer starts up. It really is fun to watch the kid play.

February has been such a great month! And, of course, it's not over-- we still have Edith's birthday to close it out! The month of February is usually pretty dreary and dull between the birthdays, but not this year! What a blast!

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