Monday, February 29, 2016

Five in One Blow!

Edith is 5! She has been waiting for this for AGES. And I mean ages. I think she was pretty much born ready to be five and go to kindergarten. She can hardly wait. I know that she'll be so much happier going to school every day instead of just a few days a week, so I know that the rest of us will be happier, too. Sometimes it's really hard to be constrained by a number. Being 4 was hard at times. I hope that being 5 will be awesome!

We did a little photo shoot to document turning 5. I love photo shoots with Edith. I really adore this one:

I adore all of them, to tell you the truth. Edith has such range of expression! It's hilarious.

This one makes me think of Marlon Brando in The Godfather. Right?


This one? Yeah, NOT The Godfather. :)


So, so funny. I love her personality.

We let Edith open her gifts in the afternoon. It's tough to wait all day when your birthday is on a Saturday. Plus, the lighting is better for pictures. :)

Edith's most excited reaction was when she opened the 1st grade workbook. So cute. She's been mourning for a few months since she finished her Kindergarten workbook. She's so happy to have the new one, and it will be even better now that she can read the instructions on her own.

I love that Edith took a break in the middle of present opening to read the book her grandma gave her. No rush to see what was coming next.

She was super thrilled to get a truck and trailers like Big's so they can play together. 

Later on, after dinner, it was time to make it all official by blowing out the candles. I kind of wish we'd done that earlier, too, for the better lighting. But, that would have seemed too weird. She's still adorable.

Happy, Happy 5th Birthday, Edith!!! We're overjoyed that you decided to join our family! We love you so much.


jww said...

How awesome!! Happy birthday, Edith! I LOVE her expressions, too. She reminds me of Ethan in some ways--the faces, for one. And when he was little he would TOTALLY stop in the middle of present opening to play with a gift or read a book. It was sweet.

Sue said...

What an amazing cake! You never cease to amaze me with your skills :) And of course, not surprised she's reading! Happy birthday, E!