Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bud's 3!

There was a skiff of snow on the ground when we awoke this morning and it snowed pretty much all day. No accumulation, but not exactly what one would expect on May Day.  I guess it's a good thing we didn't have a Maypole celebration planned for Bud's birthday.

We had a really good time at Bud's party tonight.  The attendees (besides our little family) were Gigi M, Grandma P, Grandpa Gorilla and Grandma Tru. We ate pizza (from a locally owned joint down the road--good stuff), salad and breadsticks, as per Bud's request. 

Here is Bud hanging out with Gigi M (Rophone's 101 1/2 year old grandma) and my mom, Grandma P:

After dinner Bud opened his gifts.  He got some great stuff.  He got some shorts, books, old school blocks, dinosaur magnets, money--but he was most excited to receive some "little cars".  Bud loves Hot Wheels just like his dad did. He calls them "little cars" because they are littler than his other cars.  Makes sense.

After presents it was time for cake and ice cream.  Bud asked me to make an excavator cake that he saw in a magazine, so I did.  Mine was much less nice looking than the original, but Bud seemed happy with it.  Here is what it looked like:

For some reason I have been unable to upload a photo of Bud blowing out the candles (right-side up, anyway). It was great--Bud blows straight up into his bangs so he blew and blew to no avail. (I felt kind of bad because we were laughing because it was so cute, but I think it was making Bud wonder why we were laughing at him) Finally, after what seemed like about 20 tries, Bud received a little help and was successful.

Bud refused to pose for a picture with Grandpa Gorilla and Grandma Tru, so here is a picture of Big enjoying the company of Grandpa Gorilla:

This picture came out a little blurry, but Big just looks too cute in Grandpa Gorilla's glasses not to post it:

I'll keep working on the picture of Bud blowing out the candles.  If I can get it to do what it's supposed to, I'll post it.


Pete Pages said...

Big looks so old with those front teeth! Very cute cake...I'm impressed

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking Bud was looking old, too! It's amazing how much the boys have changed since Christmas. Great job on the cake.