Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Revenge of Rachel Snodgrass

The day after we returned from the beach we went to visit some old family friends. While I was growing up, we got together with them every New Year's Eve for game playing and lots of times in between. 

The dad of the family (let's call him Uncle Hilvy) teased me mercilessly when I was a kid (still does, actually). He nicknamed me Rachel Snodgrass and it drove me NUTS! This is my chance to give him a doozy of a nickname, but I find that I am a pansy. Way too nice. It seems that all of Uncle Hilvy's teasing hasn't hardened me too much.

Here's a look at Uncle Hilvy:

Aunt Hilvy, giving Uncle Hilvy a "look":

This is their daughter, Lima. I promised her I wouldn't post a picture of her if it wasn't good--I think this one is good. I hope she doesn't disagree too strongly.

Big and Lima's daughter, Brie, checking each other out:

Cheese! I am calling her Brie because she loves to be a bit cheesy, and has a real love of food. Now that's a girl after my own heart!

Here is a series of 3 shots taken by Aunt Hilvy (couldn't make them any bigger, sorry!):

Big, playing with the mustard (just before managing to eat some) while Brie was being her awesomely cheesy self:

Uncle Hilvy's hammock was a huge hit:

Pen, pushing Ginger, Bud, and Lima's son, Eric2, on the hammock. Bud was screaming the whole time, but screamed just as loud when we made him get off (no win!):

A blurry Lima, enjoying her second kid, Rogue:

Lima took this picture of Ginger, doing such a typical Ginger thing--giggling:

Lima, taking Rogue for a spin:

We had so much fun with the Hilvys! Thanks for hosting us! We definitely need to see you more often, and playing games next time is a must!


Lisa Marie said...

I can't believe that I knew nothing of the famed Rachel Snodgrass. You're right, though, you had the perfect opportunity to get back for the years of torture- what happened??? I'm so glad you're considering moving back, because Brie, Eric2, and Rogue (does his real name just already sound like a nickname?) sure had a great time with your kids, and there's always lots of Aunt and Uncle Hilvys BBQs filled with hammocks, swimming pools, and creek exploring each year! You guys would definitely be considered a necessary part of the family BBQs :)

The Laundry Queen said...

I kept Rogue's name because it is just so fitting. He is a bit of a rogue, you know. Can't wait for all of the BBQs!

Jen said...
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Jen said...

Sorry I used your real name the first time...

Laundry queen,
Your mom gave Joanne your blog name and she gave it to me and now I'm lurking. But I had to comment on the irony of a nickname given by some funny man, because your Dad still calls me Poopsie when he sees me and has since 7th grade! By the way, I love your pics. I love photography too -- I'm just saving my pennies so I can upgrade my camera.

The Laundry Queen said...

Jen--POOPSIE!?! I am so sorry. Thanks, about the pictures. I love taking them, but gotta figure out the wearing glasses thing because it's messing me up a bit. Maybe one of these days I'll actually take a photography class so that I know what I'm doing!

I'm glad that you are lurking. I don't mind lurkers, especially if they comment!

Anonymous said...

Um, if they comment they aren't lurkers any more. Just to pick nits.

The Laundry Queen said...

I don't know, I think they can still be lurkers if they check out my blog frequently, and yet comment very infrequently. If that is the case, they are mostly just lurking.