Sunday, November 29, 2009

Can You Barfle?

At the dinner table tonight, Ginger began to gargle her water and Bud hollered at her, "Don't barfle it!!" 

We corrected Bud, but it didn't stop Big from saying, "Can I barfle it? .... Oh, I can't. It's hard." and "Can you barfle it, Daddy?" and, once informed of what's proper, "We don't barfle at the table. It's rude!" We laughed every time. By the end of dinner Big had corrected it to "gargle", but I wouldn't be surprised if our family continues to call it barfling. It's way more fun.


jwise said...

We have lots of "family" words, too. They ARE way more fun. When I went (alone) to help my mom last spring after her surgery, I had to consciously stop myself from saying our little "family" words because nobody around me would understand them. ha I love the picture, too. Beauty!

SassyMama said...

I concur.
WAY more fun!