Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Big is, by far, the most binky-dependent of all of my children. Bud probably would have had the same problem, but when he picked the binky over nursing early on, the binky was the one to go, never to return. Big, on the other hand, had to be taught to love his binky-- and love them he does. To distraction. (I say "them" because he always has 2 he uses-- this is no minor addiction)

They often get in the way. We have a rule in our house that binkies are only for when in bed. The girls accepted the rule of binkies only at bedtime with no problem. Not so with Big. He is constantly finding ways to try to get around the rule-- he'll tell me he wants a nap so that I'll give him his binky, but then will emerge from his room with it in and begin to play, clearly hoping I won't notice he still has it in. He asks to get ready for bed at, like 5pm, so he can have it. He begs me to let his binkies play with him and watch him do things. 

I hate to admit that he ends up with it in far more than I like or am comfortable with. But, honestly, the kid would sit on his bed all day just to have it! It has made me seriously contemplate getting rid of them entirely, earlier than the usual 3 year deadline we gave the other kids. It just seems weird that Big still uses a binky-- is it because he's big for his age? Or because he talks? 

Right before dinner tonight, Rophone took Big to purchase some knew binkies for him to chew to bits. Big insisted that the newly boiled binky-friends needed to watch him eat dinner. My one-armed self was too tired to protest, so they joined us at the table.

Not only is this tremendous binky-bond a little unnerving to me, I know it will be a terribly difficult bond to break. As Big is nearing the 2 1/2 year age milestone, I decided tonight at dinner that it might be a good time to begin prepping him for the inevitable visit from the Binky Fairy. A perfect time, since all involved parties were present.

We had this conversation:

Me: "So. Big. I just wanted to let you know that when you turn three, the Binky Fairy will come."

Big (with some excitement): "The Binky Fairy?"  

(I'm sure the poor kid thought the Binky Fairy was certainly going to bring him some spectacular pile of wished for binkies, and here I was, about to dash his hopes.)

Me: "Yup. When you turn 3, you'll be too old for a binky. You won't need one anymore. So, the Binky Fairy will come and take your binkies to some other kid who needs them.

Big (with some nervousness): "When I turn 3 the Binky Fairy will come take my binkies?"

Me: "Yup. Because when you're 3 you won't need them anymore, but there is some kid out there who will, and the Binky Fairy will take your binkies to them."

Big (clearly disbelieving): "I won't need my binkies anymore?"

Me: "Nope."

Big: "But, I'm two, so I still get a binky. The Binky Fairy's not coming."

Me: "No, not yet. But when you turn 3 she'll come."

Big: "But now I'm two. I'm still two. Not three."

(He seemed to really want to be sure his age was known. Really known. Without question.)

Bud then asked a few questions about the Binky Fairy-- what she looks like, what she does with the binkies, etc. 

Big interrupted my description with: "Mom, I don't want to talk about the Binky Fairy any more. Let's not talk about it."  Clearly, he was not appreciating the subject matter and would rather bury his head in the sand when it comes to his and his binkies' future.

Then Big, who had been nervously fiddling with his binkies during our entire conversation, squished the rubbery part of the two binkies together so they adhered and piped up with, "Look my two binkies are connected!"

Seriously, should a two year old who can use the word "connected" properly in a sentence still be using a binky?! Weird.


janeannechovy said...

I can hardly wait to eavesdrop on Big and Cindy Lou's conversations next time we see you!

The Laundry Queen said...

If he'll talk to her, that is. Big is still not too hip on people of the female persuasion. He's a dude, A man's man, just one of the guys. You know.

jwise said...

That is so funny! I hope it goes well. That binky stuff is hard. My last two were pretty attached, too. I honestly can't remember what we did with my youngest, but with my daughter we went on vacation just before she was 3 and left the binkies home (on purpose). It was such a change from the "norm" that she was completely distracted and forgot and it broke the habit. It was awesome. (I can't believe it worked!)

The Laundry Queen said...

For those of you who have already read this post, (the 2 of you, anyway)-- I abbreviated the actual conversation with Big just a bit since I was typing one-handed. Well, it's been bugging me, so tonight I went back and added a little to the conversation so it's more true to what was said. Come back and read it if you want. Or don't. ; )