Sunday, December 12, 2010

Baseball Boys

The past few days have been fairly warm (in the 40's), so to Big that means it's time to play sports outside. Perfect weather for it. He didn't play much all summer, feeling that it was too hot out, so now he's rarin' to go. I pitched some balls to him yesterday, but bending over repeatedly to shag balls just about did this pregnant lady in. Luckily, the boys roped their dad into pitching today so I took photos. 

Playing baseball is serious business. You can tell by the looks on their faces. 

Yup. Serious business. Serious, but fun.

Especially when you have a funny daddy pitching to you (work it, Rophone!)

I think the poor boys are terribly concerned about their wacky folks. 

Big was trying to talk some sense to me, but I was too busy in my own wacky world to listen. 

I think he's making plans for an intervention. 


Rophone said...

Fun time with my boys

John R said...

Great to see all the boys having fun together in the "perfect weather". Rophone is a pretty intimidating pitcher.

John R said...

Great pictures!

patti's place said...

What a great activity! And we're glad you found a good "relief" pitcher

jww said...

So funny (the way you tell it). Love the pictures. Looks like they had a great time.