Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Favorites

I really can't believe it's Friday again, although the week seemed to drag by as it was actually happening. We have a mouse in our walls trying to gain entry to the house, but I think I had a pretty good week after all. 

1. Tuesday was my appointment with the midwife-- it's always a relief when the appointments roll around and they tell you things are great, and hearing the baby's heartbeat is always fun. I had to do the first glucose screen (that drink is disgusting!), and I am awaiting the results, but I'm hopeful that all went well. Juggling the morning to make it to the appointment was stressful, but apparently not enough to raise my blood pressure-- it came in at 103/65 (don't mind me if I faint, I probably just got up too fast). I will start going more often now, which is always exciting as it signals the beginning of the end. 

2. I am almost completely ready for Christmas (well, except for the cooking part). Christmas Eve should be a breeze (well, except for the cooking part). I might even get to bed fairly early!

3. I had a great conversation with Pen yesterday-- it's times like those that give me hope for us. I have also had a lot of amusing conversations with Big, but that is pretty standard. Thank goodness he's funny.

4. It snowed! This is fantastic because Big will go out and dig for ages. Plus, it makes it look quite a bit prettier around here. 

5. I got to watch Bud and Ginger in their school Christmas programs (Bud on Thursday, Ginger today) and then, tonight, we went to see Ginger in her concert choir performance. It was way better than I thought it would be, and shorter, too! A pleasant surprise. Having to get her to practice by 7:30 two days a week became very worth it. Plus, Ginger loves it.

6. We finally got our new dishwasher installed yesterday (after almost 2 months without one!). Our old one died a few weeks before Thanksgiving, but not wanting to rush into making a purchase we did plenty of research and finally bought the new one the day after Thanksgiving. Who knew it would take another 3 weeks to get it installed?! The Oregonian in me felt guilty for all the paper plates we used, but the pregnant lady in me overrode the guilt. 

Now, I have to go make fudge. 


mk said...

I'm still so glad you're doing these. Sounds like a good week. I need to go write mine!

carmar76 said...

Did someone say fudge? YUMMY!

John R said...

She makes really good fudge, even if she doesn't eat it herself. I think, she thinks, it much too yummy, rich and toasted almond chocolaty. But she can find people who will eat it.

patti's place said...

I really like reading your Friday things and glad you are getting "Bob's" gift made. Fudge is yummy and the Senior couples all enjoyed eating some here as their Christmas treat.

jww said...

Good. As great as Oregonians are, I'm glad that the pregnant part of you took over on the paper plates issue. And I'm happy you got a new dishwasher! Hooray. And I'm happy for the good chat with Pen. That means the world.

t0moo said...

As an Oregonian, shouldn't you be supporting the wood pulp and paper industry which is so important to your native state's economy? Let's return the dishwasher!