Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Signs of Christmas

There are a bunch of things that signal that Christmas is getting closer-- traffic gets heavier because of all the shoppers, Christmas lights are up, stores get their displays out (although, this one can be misleading, since they're often up before Halloween), and school Christmas programs come around. 

Big and I had to attend two again this year-- one for Bud and for Ginger (they split the grades up between two days). But, luckily, likely because of his now advanced age and increased patience, Big refrained from any loud (albeit hilarious) exclamations like he did last year. I guess, if you add in Ginger's choir concert, we actually attended 3 programs. They were all shorter than last year, thank heavens. 

The pictures are all blurry, but you'll get the idea. Here's Bud singing the Kindergarten standard, "I Wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas":

I kind of gave up on trying to get photos because a woman in front of me kept standing up and was holding her video camera up right in the way the whole time. At least I captured the bouncing hippo. It was fun to see Bud in his first elementary school program. 

Ginger had to wear a santa hat for her performance. Her head's a tad on the teeny side, so it kind of rode low and gave her lovely shadowed eyes in all the pictures. It sure didn't affect her performance, though. She did a great job.

Her concert choir performance was fantastic, too. Waaay better than I thought it would be, actually. They did a great selection of songs and the director kept it moving along (we were out of there in 25 minutes!). Even Big clapped enthusiastically after every number. It has been hard to get Ginger to practice by 7:30 am twice a week, but hearing them sing and seeing how much she enjoys it made it all worthwhile. 

Giving us a smile before the performance started:

The next sign of Christmas will be when the kids get out of school early on Tuesday for the start of Christmas break.  I really enjoyed the programs this year, even though my pregnant body would have appreciated padded chairs. Good job Bud and Ginger!  


jww said...

Oh, yay!! What great things to be able to do. And your low-lighting child's-performance pictures are at least 1,000 times better than mine, so kudos. (Bummer about the lady in front of you. I just hate that.)

carmar76 said...

So sweet!! : )