Monday, February 14, 2011

38 Weeks

Well, I've made it to 38 weeks. The baby's birth is impending, whether I'm ready for it or not. 

I would really prefer she hold off a few weeks, though. Not only is there still a lot that could be done, but we just can't seem to shake the sicks around here. We had the stomach bug last week (which we are still feeling a few lingering effects of), and now Ginger has gone and come down with a fever. She says her throat doesn't hurt, but she's the queen of having strep without having a sore throat. Makes it tough to know when to take her in. Anyway, I hope we can avoid spreading that around, too. 

If we can have a healthy house by the time the baby comes, I'd be a happy woman. Nothing wrong with little happiness, is there? 


Jane Kaylor said...

sore throat is not a lot of fun its just uncomfortable and difficult to swallow.

usually, i would take the Nim Jiom Cough Syrup ( ) which has a thick consistency formulation. it coats the throat and includes herbs that are particularly good for that application.

i hope it works on you as well.

jww said...

Poor Ginger. (I've never heard of having strep without pain, so at least that can make HER Friday Favorites. ha) I agree with you--Baby Girl should arrive when the family isn't so sick-y!

mk said...

boo, i'm sorry everyone is sick. i'll keep my fingers crossed and pray for you guys! :)