Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

I can't believe it's only been a week since I last did this. Time is definitely starting to drag a bit as I await the baby's impending arrival, although I don't want her to come just yet. I still have too much to do!

1. We traded the stomach yucks of last week for Ginger having a fever off and on all this week. So, I'd have to say my number one favorite thing this week is that the baby is still in (although she's acting like she wants out). I'm crossing my fingers that no one else gets whatever it is that Ginger has, and that we can all be healthy when the baby makes her appearance.

2. Rophone put the baby's dresser together with the boys' "help". I gave it a good wipe-down and loaded it with baby stuff-- one more thing to cross off the list!

3. The baby's stroller came yesterday. I admit that I am in love. After pushing 4 children around in strollers that didn't always meet all my needs, I decided that this time I wanted one that would do exactly what I wanted it to do and go where I wanted it to go. I know it's our last kid, but this is the one area where I felt we should splurge and get just the right thing, not just something that would "work". I feel even better about the fact that Rophone managed to find it on sale. Hooray!

4. Rophone came home and made Big his lunch today and sat with him while he ate. What a wonderful break from that often arduous task. 

5. I am still managing to keep up with the dishes and laundry (don't ask me how). The little pieces of clutter on the floor however.... Anyway, all that matters is that I am still getting things accomplished, even if I have to turn sideways at the sink so my arms will reach and have to grunt and pant while I haul the laundry. Go me!

6. I have loved having a patio free of snow this week-- Big is so much happier after he gets a chance to play some hoop. 

Hmmm... I sure am getting a lot of contractions today. The way this baby is acting, next week I just may have something grand to post about!


janeannechovy said...

So, what kind of stroller did you get? I was just talking strollers with Auntie Art today.

The Laundry Queen said...

Auntie Art was just here and she mentioned your conversation. I got a Bumbleride Indie in the seagrass color. LOVE it. It is exactly what I wanted.

jww said...

Hooray for the great list! My PERSONAL favorite is no snow on the patio. We've had 50 degrees for 2 days and almost all the snow is gone, so I know how he feels ( just in time for 24 degrees and snow tomorrow). Anyway, I hope that everyone is healthy from here on out so Baby can make her appearance happily. Getting close!

mk said...

awesome list, and AWESOME about the stroller! i am definitely splurging on one that i love for our next baby. :)

Lindseybabe said...

Yay for great strollers! I love mine and am so so glad to have a good one! I loved this post! I loved all the good things you pointed out! Too cute! Good luck with keeping everyone healthy and I am looking forward to the "grand" news!