Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Dip

Big got a chance to try Fun Dip for the first time this morning. It brings back such fond memories for me-- of summers and ball games and wishing they gave more than 2 sticks to go with the 3 flavors of dip. I haven't had any for years, and I think the formerly raw insides of my mouth thank me. 

I dumped the mouth-corroding powder into a bowl to make it easier for Big and let him have at it. Things were going swimmingly and he was really enjoying his first experience... (yes, I know the photo is blurry, darnit)

... until he decided to speed things up and drink the powder straight from the bowl (those sticks really draw out the process). 

Yeah. Not as enjoyable as he'd hoped.

Looks like the stick is still the best part. 


carmar76 said...

teehee! i remember those fun dips! also - did you get that bowl from IKEA? i have a set of cute little rainbow bowls that look like that... : )

jww said...

Ethan just did something like that--got it in a valentine from school. He opted for the bowl also. I could be wrong, but I think in that last picture (post-bowl) Big got a little of the dip in his hair. That photo just screams "childhood." Love it.