Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Favorites

Is it really Friday again? 

1. Rophone and I went on a date last Friday night-- we might even get to go again tonight. We're trying to take advantage of our opportunities before the baby comes. I sure do like hanging out with him. 

2. Ginger is feeling much better-- her fever is gone, her cough is mostly gone, and her voice is mostly back. 

3. Even though Pen has been liberally tossing around the pre-teen attitude as of late, I have somehow managed to ignore the promptings of the evil little pregnancy hormone sitting on my shoulder and have not throttled her. It hasn't always been pretty, but we made it. 

4. I had conflicting emotions when I woke up to 8 inches of snow today, but it does make it a lot prettier around here. Plus, it gave Big a purpose. A job. He spent about an hour and a half shoveling the snow out back, working on making a path to the trash cans. It was then that I decided that snow is one of my best friends, and definitely deserves a spot on today's list. 

Okay. I'm done now.


jww said...

I've been wondering the last few days if "baby" would make Friday Favorites this week. Maybe next week? Or the next? I'll keep watching. :) My personal favorites are #1 because I love/live for dates with my husband! And #3... all I have to say is that I've decided that if I can say at the end of the day "But I didn't kill him," it must have been a successful day. Kudos to you for living a notch above that. P.S. Glad Ginger is feeling better! And glad Big + snow = happy.

patti's place said...

It's great that you can get the worker guy to do such a great job. I hope when he gets older he'll have that same interest. Maybe he can move in with us when it snows so Grandpa doesn't have to do it.

John R said...

That worker guys really knows how to stay on task until it is done. Admirable trait.

carmar76 said...

teehee, i can just see big out there w/ his shovel, happily moving the snow, feeling accomplished as a path is created. TOO CUTE! and helpful, so win-win! : )

SassyMama said...

So I hope you had another nice dinner with Rophone.
So is this baby going to come, or what???