Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Favorites

I don't think anything really happened this week. Got a few more gray hairs, refrained from throttling the kids.... hmmmm.... let me think on this.

1. Rophone took me on a date on Saturday. Great as usual, of course.

2. I managed to wrangle the kids at the library on Monday. I'm excited to have a few books to read, and I've learned some new things about snowplows and concrete mixers. Exciting stuff.

I didn't learn anything new about dump trucks, but it was fun to read about them with Edith because it was all new and fascinating to her. 

3. I forgot to mention it last week, but my sister-in-law (Jazz Hands) was able to go with me to boot camp. It was fun to have her along. This week I was able to take Pen on Wednesday and my sister, Art, joined me this morning. It was great to be able to share a butt-kicking with them all. 

4. We went to walk around an outdoor mall last night. It was something we don't normally do, so it was fun. 

By the time we decided we should head home the 3 younger kids were soaked, Edith most of all. Next time, I think we'll come dressed for the splash pad.

We only have about a month of summer left-- I guess we'd better start doing some fun things to post about!


patti's place said...

Life is fun and sometimes a circus, so you should have lots to post about, eh? Love the fact you find happiness in just normal, sometimes small things

jww said...

Good stuff!! Love the crazy glasses pictures. And you're reminding me to get over to the library. I am TERRIBLE about going!!

Sue said...

Boot camp was fun! Thanks for inviting me. The outdoor mall splash pad looks fun, maybe the Boybies would like it.