Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Favorites

I'm not sure that I know what to write this week. It's maybe even harder than last week.

1. My dad's funeral on Saturday was so many things, both good and bad. What I will say is that the love and support of family and friends who came or sent their wishes from afar means the world. Thanks.

2. I wanted to sleep and sleep on Sunday, but what I ended up doing was getting up early to go sing in church with two of my sisters. I was emotional and therefore had no breath support to stay in tune, but to have that experience with my sisters was priceless. 

3. After church on Sunday we partook of my Dad's famous "Snack" (cheeses, salami, crackers and several types of pickles) followed by a traditional JRP "treat". Who doesn't love just a little bit of something sweet after all of that salty? It was perfect.

4. Even amidst all of the tears, we were able to find laughter. My dad wouldn't have had it any other way.

5. Sunday evening we went to spend some time at the gravesite. It was a beautiful evening and it was nice to be together. Wonder if the grounds crew would give Big a job...

final photo of the bunch taken by my bro-in-law

6. I really enjoyed spending time with my family this week, especially my sisters. I think it's time for a girls' getaway. 

7. My mom and I canned peaches on Wednesday. It felt good to get some work done, and I know we'll enjoy eating them this winter.

8. I got a root canal yesterday. I'm putting this in my favorites because it should provide some relief. I really should have gotten it done a few weeks ago, but then life got in the way. Thank heavens for modern dentistry and antibiotics. 

9. I think I'm kind of enjoying the down time while I'm waiting for the kids to come out of school. Pen gets out earlier than Bud and Ginger, so sometimes I manage to pick them up by myself. It's nice to be able to hear myself think for a few minutes.

10. It's amazing how life just goes on. I'm grateful for that. Otherwise I'd spend too much time being sad. I'd most certainly go crazy. I'm already well on my way there, anyway.


The Adventures of Six Petes said...

You're the best. I love your humor, its especially helpful at times like these.

janeannechovy said...

I loved singing with you, too. And I totally agree that a getaway is called for. Hmmm.

Sue said...

These are great. :) I was really liking being together and definitely want to make that sisters/mom getaway happen!

jww said...

Sounds like a good but difficult week. I love the photos--the one of the mountain is spectacular. I'm glad you got some time to think, too. And I think the most important part of the week was the laughter. I think you're right--I bet that made your dad really happy.