Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Favorites?

This week has been far from stellar. Really far. My father passed away unexpectedly on Monday, so I've been grieving and in shock. But, that being said, there are still things to be grateful for. 

1. Saturday, we got to go throw bowls on the pottery wheel for my sister's Empty Bowls fundraiser that she holds every year. It's something that I love to do and it was fun to be there as a family to do it. Ginger helped my mom watch Art's twin boybies and the rest of us got to play with clay. Even my dad.

2. On Sunday my dad invited us to come over after dinner for ice cream. While I was cooking our meal, I had a feeling I should invite my folks to eat with us. I wasn't sure that they would be able to come, thinking they were probably cooking their own food already, but was happy to find out they were only planning on eating BLTs so could come over. How glad I am that we had that last meal together. It allowed us to see my dad for a little longer than if we had just had dessert, and Big even got to play basketball with his grandpa on the back patio. I will forever have the picture in my mind of my dad marveling at the ease of our adjustable-height hoop as he moved it up and down. 

3. Monday, the day my dad died, really sucked. But, I will say that a favorite is that Pen didn't find my father where he collapsed, as that easily could have happened since they had been doing yard work together. I also love this photo that Rophone took of Edith playing his drums while I was at the hospital. It made me smile.

4. All of the kids did great in their soccer games this week.

5. Edith found a new pair of hand-me-down shoes to fuel her addiction. She insisted on putting them on before she even got dressed, without socks. The shoes are way too big, but she has worn them for the past 2 days. Here is a photo of her playing with an old phone as she sits in the bathroom while I shower:

6. Rophone took Big and Edith with him to pick up some pizza yesterday. I'm so glad he has started taking pictures with his phone.

7. On the way back from Ginger's soccer game last night with Bud and a few nephews in tow, we saw a double rainbow. It is the first time in my life (I think) that I have seen a complete double rainbow. Where it starts, where it ends, and its full arc. I asked the kids if they thought maybe it was sent by their grandpa. Some discussion ensued among them over whether he had the power to do so or not or if he is "allowed" to do that. Then my 10 year old nephew, The Genealogist, said, "I don't know if he sent it or not, but I'm sure he could tell us exactly what causes it. Grandpa knows everything." It made me smile that the kids know their grandpa so well.

It was fading by the time we got home, but you can still see both arcs above my mom's house:

8. The family is all gathered together now. It's a terrible thing that brought us together, but it sure is nice to be able to support each other.

9. We have fabulous neighbors and friends who have supported and loved us this week. Definitely a favorite.


mk said...

I am so sorry, Jana. I'm amazed that you posted today. I'm happy for you that you got to have a special weekend with your dad before he died. Wish I could be there to cook you food and help out. Sending hugs and prayers.

jww said...

I knew about your dad from your fb post, and I am so sorry that it was so sudden. I, too, am glad that those little "miracles" were yours--you inviting your parents over for dinner, Pen not finding him that day, and the double rainbow. My family had a very different but similar heartbreak this year with my nephew, and I can't tell you how much those little miracles have carried us through and how much they mean to our family. I am glad you had those tender mercies, too. xoxo *hugs*

Sue said...

These are great, Jana. I love you!

Tamsen said...

Love (and hate) this post. You know what I mean... xoxo