Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Dream

I had the funniest (and weirdest!) dream last night. In it, all of my siblings were helping me look for Rophone in some big city. Apparently, I had been unable to find him and decided to enlist their help. 

I was going about my search with much distress when suddenly my sister, Opera, came running up to let me know she had found Rophone. I hurriedly followed her to where Rophone was seated outside of a nightclub with an old friend from high school (who shall remain nameless). A male friend. 

When I asked Rophone where he had been and what he was doing, Rophone informed me that he had decided to leave me and the kids in order to live a gay lifestyle with my old friend. I was shocked and sad, but was remarkably composed as I let him know that I respected his decision and gave him my blessing to do whatever would make him happy. 

As Rophone walked away, he made a (completely out of character in real life) patronizing comment to me. It was then that I flew into a rage and beat the crap out of him. As Rophone lay on the sidewalk I stood over him and yelled, "I didn't beat you up because you left me in order to lead a gay lifestyle, I beat you up because I hate being patronized!" I then stomped away, worrying about how I was going to take care of 5 kids on my own.

When I told Rophone about the dream we had a good laugh. I laughed even harder when I was in the kitchen a few minutes later and Ginger said, "I had a weird dream about Dad last night. I dreamed that he bought a ham!" Weird, indeed. 

I think that what spurred the dream is that I really do hate being patronized, and maybe I had to endure a bit of it this week. I guess I finally reached my breaking point in the dream. I feel better now. 

Just don't patronize me and you'll be okay.


jww said...

That is a hilarious dream, but I totally hear you on being patronized. NOT.OKAY.WITH.ME. I would beat the crap out of somebody, too.

mk said...

HAHA you go, girl!! And I'm glad you feel better. :)

SassyMama said...

Bwahahaha;) Funny dream:)
Note to self.. patronize LQ on penalty of death...