Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Growling Stuffed Animal

I am one of those parents who thinks it's okay to tell my kids the occasional white lie. As long as it doesn't harm anyone and is for the greater good, I say 'Go for it!'. That's what I've been doing to Edith for the past week or so; lying to her. 

One night last week she was giving me a hard time about getting ready for bed. With the nights getting cooler, I figured it was just about time to start wearing fuzzy, footed pajamas. And so, a plan was hatched. "Hey, Edith, come help me pick out some new pajamas from your closet so we can turn you into a stuffed animal!"

Now getting Edith ready for bed is a breeze. She loves her human-to-stuffed-animal transformation. As I was getting her dressed for bed the other night, we had this conversation:

Edith (just as her jammies were zipped to the top): "Rawr!"

Me (trying to keep things from getting too crazy before bed): "Oh! No, Edith. Stuffed animals don't roar, they just give snuggles and cuddles."

Edith: "Oh. No roar?"

Me: "No. Stuffed animals are just here to give kids hugs and make them feel good."

Edith (with a big smile): "To make kids HAPPY!"

Yup. Exactly, Edith. You are an awfully cute stuffed animal and you make me happy. Thanks for the snuggles even though I'm not a kid. They really make me feel good. You're the best stuffed animal I've ever had.


patti's place said...

What a sweet girl...and she's cute stuffed or not.

jww said...

That is SO SWEET!!!!! Love.