Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nineteen Months with Edith

It's true. Edith turned 19 months old on Thursday! I admit that it kind of snuck up on me, what with it being so unbelievable and all. I usually snap a bunch of extra photos of Edith on the actual month-birthday, but this month we'll have to make do with those that I took along the way. Thank heavens I'm prolific.

What a big helper Edith is! She has discovered how fun it is to do dishes. Shutting the dishwasher between each dish really makes it fun. When that grows boring, however, she can always ramp up the excitement by doing this:

Such an adrenaline junky.

A few new teeth are trying to make an appearance in Edith's mouth. This makes for some crankiness at times. She also spends some of her time trying to eat her fist. I'm pretty impressed, given how small her mouth is and everything. 

Edith is still cuddly and fun and has discovered the joy in taking photos, especially of herself. She often absconds with my phone (her favorite plaything, hands down) and I will frequently find photos of odd things on my camera roll. 

One of Edith's most liked things to do is to sit together just the three of us (me, her, and my phone), with her pushing the button to take her own photo. Over and over. Here is a shot I snapped of her pleased expression immediately after she took a shot. I love it. 

Shopping is a passion of Edith's-- both in the store and via catalogue. She has a definite opinion about what she'll wear, and the "oohs" and "ahhhs" as she sees things she likes kind of frighten me a bit. 

I think part of why the shopping-thing frightens me so much is because of Edith's obsession with money. She loves the stuff. She will say to Rophone, "Moneys. I need moneys. Give me moneys!" Then, when Rophone gives in like he always does (heaven-help-us-when-she's-a-teenager), she will admire it and giggle, obviously pleased with her acquisition. Then she tries to stick it in her bra, but since a bra doesn't exist it drops right through. She learned the stash-it-in-your-bra thing from my sister, Martha, by the way.

At least Edith is well-rounded. She is still obsessed with balls, roars like a lion, takes great care of her stuffed animals and baby doll, and loves being outside. Like Big, Edith gets restless if she is cooped up inside for too long. I'm glad I have these kids to keep me outside doing things, because sometimes I forget how much I love it, too. 

Thanks for making things fun, Edith. We love you!


janeannechovy said...

So glad I can be such a good example to her!

patti's place said...

I love Edith!

jww said...

Oh, I love it!! Great photos and a great post. She is so darling.