Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Favorites

Not much of anything has really gone on this week. A few of us have come down with a terrible cold (and I mean terrible) so things have been less fun than they might have been. Plus, it makes my memory even more fuzzy.

1. We went and ran some errands with the 4 younger kids on Saturday and had a good time. I got to be with my hot husband, and the kids were remarkably well behaved. Can't really beat that. Part of what we accomplished was getting some groceries at the organic food store up North of us. We grabbed a bite to eat while we were there. 

2. Probably my favorite thing that happened on Saturday was when we stopped at the mall to take advantage of a sale one of the stores was having. I turned around from looking at an item of clothing to find Edith holding hands with a headless mannequin, dancing to the in-store music. It was hilarious. I fumbled with my phone camera and was glad to capture a picture of it. It still makes me laugh when I think about it. 

3. Even with Rophone working on Sunday, I managed to get all the kids and myself ready for 9 am church by 8:25. Yes, my organizational skills rock. Plus, it helped that Big didn't fight me every step of the way for once. 

4. I skipped out during church to pick up Pen. We were glad that she returned safely from her trip to San Francisco. The fact that she had a great time makes me happy, too. 

5. We have all really been enjoying the fall weather. I love this time of year. This picture was taken just before I swept the leaves off of the driveway. I've done it about 5 times already since the leaves started falling and it's only the beginning. Good thing I kind of like it. 

5. Rophone took the day off on Monday for the last day of Fall Break. It was so nice to have him to hang out with, too. 

6. We got our trimmer fixed! Another bonus with Rophone home for the day. I am so excited to use ours rather than my dad's crummy one. Big loved going with us to take it in, too. It was fun to see his excitement.

7. We took a nice walk on Monday. Enjoying the weather, see?

8. On Wednesday night we had a little bit of ice cream for dessert after dinner. When I asked the baby if she wanted a little mini cone of chocolate peanut butter ice cream she replied with a breathy, "Yeah. A double." She gasps her 'yeah's a lot. It's hard to explain, but it's kind of like my dad used to do. Anyway, it's cute when she does it.

9. Big and I went on a walk to gather leaves as a part of his homework assignment for Thursday. We took Edith along and had a nice little walk and chat. I loved that even though there were tons of beautifully colored fall leaves, Big chose to pick those that were still green. When I suggested he pick more of the different colored ones he replied simply, "But I like green." I love him.

10. I like that Big is getting more excited about reading to me. We're having fun.

11. I played some one-on-one basketball with Big today. I think he was surprised about how his Mom can play. I also think he'll start working on his left-handed dribble so he doesn't have the ball stolen so much when he's driving down the left side. I just maybe might have stolen it once or twice... Big is darn good for his age, though.

12. I worked in the yard again this afternoon while I waited for Rophone to come home. Enjoying the fall weather again. After we finished, Rophone and I took Big and Edith on a walk around the block. So nice and relaxing. 

There's more than a chance that I overdid it a little today (this cold bites), so I'm proud of myself for making cookies this evening like I promised Big I would. Praying the kids sleep in tomorrow.... Yeah, so I'm a dreamer.


patti's place said...

Fun week except for sickness. You are a good mom!

jww said...

ALL fantastic. Happy, happy stuff. Love it.