Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Parking It

I have been trying to make a conscious effort to get the kids out for some outdoor time as much as possible during the day, trying to take advantage of the great weather we have been having. Before too long, it will be too cold to go outside as often. Big and Edith are both much happier people when they get to spend a lot of time outdoors. Well, hey, I'm happier when I do that, too. 

As I was finishing up some dishes yesterday after the kids were finished with their homework, I realized that Edith hadn't had any really good quality outdoor time. She had been out a couple of times for a few minutes, but nothing that really amounted to anything. She doesn't have built in recess at school like the other kids. I made the decision to take the kids to the park for an hour before dinner. I had some other things I could be doing (like cooking dinner) but, why not?

I headed out the door with the 3 youngest and my camera, eager to have fun. The best part was that I let Rophone know where we would be and he decided to meet us there after a bit on his way home from work. Couldn't get any better. Well, the light could have been better for the photos, but I made do. 

Edith loves going down the slide. She takes it pretty seriously, keeping her focus on where she's headed, rarely smiling. But, she adores it.

Oh, wait! I caught a little grin!

This next set of pictures cracks me up because Bud was trying to keep Edith at the top until Big could get into the photo, but Edith was scooching her bum forward, intent on beginning her slide.

Edith went around and around, over and over.

Big mostly ran and ran and ran around on the grass, working on his training for tag at recess. He takes it really seriously. He would pause to climb and slide every so often, but then a football practice started at the park and it grabbed all of his attention.

Bud was completely at home on the rock wall and climbing around on the play structure, and when Rophone arrived he convinced his dad to give him a boost up into a tree. That kid loves to climb.

It ended up being a really fun afternoon together. And dinner worked itself out, too. Win-win.


patti's place said...

Like. Looks like fun by all!

jww said...

So darn cute.