Friday, October 5, 2012

HUGE Friday Favorites

I've been feeling pretty blah this week-- thank heavens life with 5 kids makes me keep moving. 

1. We stopped signing up for Bountiful Baskets a while back due to poor quality produce. One basket was so bad that the cantaloupe looked like a green fuzzy ball. Due to said fuzzy ball, we had a credit for one free basket. I decided to use the credit for Saturday and was pleasantly surprised. All the produce was pretty good, and it's all stuff we use. Phew!

2. Rophone went to work on Saturday (blah), but I was able to leave the kids home and go out with my mom and sister, Art. It was nice to be with them, and capping off a fun evening by playing games is always fantastic.

3. Art brought down some of the bowls that she would be selling at her charity event so that we could see them, including the two that I made. I really love the glazes she chose to finish this bowl with. It makes me feel good to contribute even in such a small way. 

4. I ended up having to lead the music for the Primary kids at church on Sunday. It wasn't supposed to be my turn so was kind of last minute. I managed to throw together a plan to help the kids be motivated to go over the songs they need to know for the end-of-the-month program. Let's just say that the kids seemed to enjoy it and things got just a wee bit crazy.

I don't know if it's the angle, but my calves look weird. Must be the horizontal stripes. Thank goodness my feet look totally normal, though. Anyway, I was super proud of myself after Sunday. I have really been feeling kinda down and missing my dad, so I didn't feel emotionally chipper enough to be able to pull off what I had planned. I was awfully exhausted afterward, but I seem to have succeeded. 

5. Edith loves phones. Not only that, but she can maneuver around on them like a champ. She 'borrows' my phone all of the time. After I did some dishes and other things around the house for a few minutes on Monday, I got on my phone and found 38 of these shots (with only minor variations):

It made me laugh and I needed that. Thanks, Edith.

6. Big had the best play date on Monday. The last play date Big had (way back in the Spring), the little boy he had over didn't actually want to play the same things Big wanted to play, complained the whole time about how we had nothing to do, and was just generally not fun to have around. I haven't been in a huge rush to have a 5 year old play date again after that one. 

The play date this week was HEAVENLY in comparison. It was 3 hours long and I hardly had to do anything more than get them lunch and a snack. There were no disagreements, Big was talking to someone else the whole time instead of me.... I mean, I love my boy, but the kid sure can talk (His friend's eyes looked glazed over once or twice, but it may have just been a trick of the light). It was just nice to have that break. Edith didn't nap, of course, what with her FOMO and all (Fear of Missing Out), but it was still great. 

I think the best part of the whole play date was when I was doing dishes and could hear the two boys through the open window as they played with little Marvel action figures outside. My kids only have the action figures because Bud got them for his birthday in May and they really have no clue what the characters names are for the most part. Anyway, when I overheard Big say to his friend, "...and then my guy gave the bad guy a strong muscle-punch to the penis..." I about died laughing. So awesome. 

7. After we picked the other kids up from school Big and Edith and I hung out for a bit. Big and I cleaned up some leaves while Edith drew with chalk. It was nice to be out in the fall air.

8. Tuesday was Pen's 14th birthday. It was fabulous and you can read about it here.

9. Another thing that happened on Tuesday is that Pen turned in her huge Fifty-dead-insects-pinned-on-styrofoam project. Decaying insects really do stink, you know. I was happy to have it gone (and happy that Pen did so well on it, of course). 

10. On Wednesday, I decided to go for a long jog before picking Big up from kindergarten. I kind of meandered around the neighborhood, pushing Edith in her stroller, until it was time to pick Big up from school. Well, I actually got tired after about 40 minutes (instead of the hour I was hoping for), so Edith and I hung out at the school waiting for a few. But it gave me time to cool off in the shade before we had to make the mile walk uphill back home and Edith got to practice her stair-climbing skills. It ended up being perfect.

11. Wednesday afternoon, Bud got to go to rock climbing class again. I love seeing his excitement over this new activity. Definitely a favorite.

12. I caught Edith drinking out of this cup this morning (probably no explanation needed as to why it's on the favorites list):

13. Edith's new favorite word is 'HUGE' and she says it with great emphasis. That's what she was saying as she was drinking from the cup ("HUGE! It's HUGE!"). So awesome.

14. Edith decided not to nap again today, so Big and I let her supervise as we got a lot of work done. I think Big helped me for at least 2 hours today, and he loved every minute of it. He's the best worker I know, hands down.

He did play with the other kids for a few minutes while I swept the leaves on the driveway into a huge pile (lest you think I just work the kid to the bone). I love seeing my kids play (nicely) with each other. 

When I was done sweeping, Big shoveled ALL of the leaves into the debris can all by himself. And he cleaned the gutter in the street out, too. That kid just loves manual labor. (I hope we get a lot of snow this winter to keep him happy-- he was miserable about how little there was to shovel last year.) It just feels so good to get things done and to be connecting with Big while I do it.

15. Bud and Ginger had their weekly piano lessons today. I am so excited about their progress and how things really seem to be clicking for them. It's great to hear.

16. Rophone made a 'clubhouse' in the family room when he got home from work (I used to call them 'forts' when I was a kid, but Edith sounds way cuter saying 'clubhouse'). It quickly became the fun (staticky) hangout spot. 

I guess that even for how 'blah' I was feeling this week, I still managed to get a lot accomplished and a lot of fun things happened. Good thing. Always a good thing.


patti's place said...

It's finding joy in the journey that counts and you are doing that! Love it!

jww said...

The static-y picture is so hilarious. Great list!! I love the clown thing for Primary. Too funny. And playdates where they take care of themselves ARE heaven!!! We get more and more of those as the kids get older (and as they find the right friends). Lately, moms come to the door and say, "How was everything?" and I'm like, "I don't know. I didn't see or hear them for 3 hours." That's AWESOME. :) Glad your week turned out so well.