Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fourteen! Say Wha??

I really can't believe that Pen is fourteen. But she is. As of today. 14! Crazy. I tried really hard to help make it a special day for her. The biggest thing I did to make her day special is making her a lunch to take to school so she wouldn't have to make her own (I know, I spoil her). Oh, and I decorated a wee bit, too.

I made a special birthday dinner for tonight, as well, although it's not THE special birthday dinner. Tonight I made Pen's much loved homemade macaroni and cheese with a side of steamed veggies. She loves it, but it wasn't her choice. What she wants is her adored potato chowder. We'll be having that on Sunday once it cools down a little more. With homemade cornbread. Should be good. 

After dinner we settled Pen in on the couch to open some gifts. I think she's happy to be fourteen. And to be getting gifts.

Rophone took her shopping last night, so she pretty much knew everything she was going to receive (which she was completely happy with). I think it was a relief to her not to have to pretend to like what we got for her or worry that it wouldn't fit.

Everyone was excited for what came next. It's understandable, really. The cake truly was fabulous. Plus, fire can be exciting. Fourteen candles look like an awful lot when you get them on there. I still can't believe Pen's fourteen!

Happy Birthday, Pen! We love everything about you!


Sue said...

I really can't believe she's fourteen either, holy cow! Great girl, I'm glad she had a good day. :)

jww said...

How exciting. What a fun celebration. I love the decorations! The balloons are too cute. I know what you mean--my oldest just turned 15 in June, and I just keep thinking... "REALLY?!" The candles are pretty awesome. Great photos, as usual. She looks so happy!! :)