Monday, April 1, 2013

Dye, Egg, Dye!

This year's Easter was just a little weird. On Saturday when it came time to dye the eggs I ended up doing it with only the 3 younger kids. Pen was away on a church youth overnighter (Although I'm sure she would have participated had she been here. I think.), and Ginger opted to take a shower. What? A shower instead of dyeing eggs? Spoilsport. 

Rophone wasn't feeling well (stupid Crohn's), so he, too, sat out the festivities. You can see him sitting on the couch, accidentally photo-bombing some of my photos of Edith. I was feeling a little stressed and disjointed as I got the kids going with the dye. If I'd had my wits about me I never would have turned my back on Edith after giving her the blue dye to use for her first egg. 

At least her egg made it in the dye safely without cracking. It made me laugh how she kept on looking at her hand with concern as we kept dyeing eggs. I think she found her blue hand to be a bit unsettling. 

Big just loves dyeing eggs so much. Having to wait until after lunch to get a start just about killed him, but I'm glad we spent the morning at the library stocking up for Spring Break. 

Big ends up dipping and re-dipping his eggs, trying to prolong the amount of time he gets to dye eggs. He could do it for hours.

Having to practice patience and wait for a desired dye color was pretty tough, especially since Big was feeling under the weather. Thank goodness the medicine kicked in a little so he could still enjoy himself.

Bud is very focused on his art. I love that he just does his thing. I also loved that when he noticed I was taking his picture he began to act for the camera. He's not over the top with his acting, but it's there. See if you can spy it. 

No acting in this first shot.

And then....

..back to no acting again.

It was so funny to watch. I love that kid.

I think we all felt the way Edith did when we were done. Happy with the eggs that we'd created, but really bummed that it was over.

Great eggs, kids! I had so much fun with you!


jww said...

Wow, they're pretty!! I know what you mean about the older kids--I have one who isn't interested in anything, and I feel terrible leaving him out, but if he prefers it that way, then it is what it is. But it makes me sad that he's too OLD for cool stuff! :) Great photos. And really pretty eggs.

Lisa Marie said...

I was hoping to see some info on your natural egg dyes! It's added to my list for net year. Love the title to this post, btw.