Monday, April 15, 2013

The 'Nuggler

Edith is still having a hard time saying most of her 's'-with-another-letter combinations. I think the only one she says is 'sh'. (I'm a little bummed that she can say the letter 'v' now-- no more getting her to say 'wulture') Anyway, she came up to me this afternoon and said, "I want to 'leep with you. I want to 'nuggle."

While we were lying there I decided to work with her on saying those difficult combinations. 

Me: "Edith, say sssleep."

Edith: "'Leep."

Me: "Say sssss."

Edith: "Ssssss." 

Me: "Now say sssssleep."

Edith: "Ssssss. Leep."

Me: "Okay, now put those together. Ssleep."

Edith: "Sssleep."

Me: "Yay! You did it!"

We then went through the same thing, trying to change 'nuggle to snuggle. When she was successful I once again cheered, "Yay! You did it!" and gave her a high five. 

Then Edith says to me: "Say blue."

Me: "Blue."

Edith: "Yay! You did it!"

Thanks for being supportive, Edith. 

Edith then looked at the pillow we were resting our heads on and said: "Ssspillow."



patti's place said...

She'll get it one of these days and then you'll probably be sad to see the lack of "s" go.

jww said...

Cutest story ever. And cutest pictures, too.

Sue said...

Haha! So cute. :)