Monday, April 1, 2013


I forgot to post a few pictures from the other day. I didn't realize that they didn't load from my camera. So, we'll just do an addendum to this post. After Rophone got home, Bud decided to come outside and join us. Bud didn't feel much in the basketball mood, but what he did feel like doing was climbing trees. The kid just can't get enough of climbing stuff.

Bud is a really good big brother, too. Now that Ginger is 'turning teenager' and isn't playing with the kids as much, Bud is really stepping up to make sure he includes the younger kids in things. So, when Edith decided she wanted to climb, too, he was there to help her out.

Good climbing, Edith! Although, I'm not sure it was as exciting as she thought it would be.

Or maybe the tree just wasn't big enough.

Edith really makes me laugh. She's awfully independent, but has no trouble playing the damsel in distress when there's a man around. Makes me worried for the teenage years. For the guys, I mean. 'Oh no, Dad! I need help walking down this little hill that I normally walk down all by myself. I'm stuck!'

She sure didn't have any trouble a few minutes later when he wasn't standing there. Silly.

She's definitely determined to climb that tree on her own. Time to give it another go..

It was a great afternoon for everyone.

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Lisa Marie said...

Rogue is the same way. I wish we had a couple of good climbing trees for him....