Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Short One

Edith's 3rd birthday is today (what??), so I want to catch up with a short post so everything will be in order. Yes, it's the OCD in me. This really will be short. For real. Well, comparatively. (Compared to my own posts, of course. I'm sure there are blogs out there that always have posts shorter than this.)

Last week was Spirit Week at the boys' school. Mustache Day is always a favorite. Although, for the second time in a row, Bud hasn't wanted to be photographed with his mustache. Tough noogies, kid.

Friday was crazy hair day. Big and I have been letting his hair grow out, waiting for it anxiously. I really wanted to give him a horseshoe head of hair, but he insisted we stay a little more in the lines. So we gave him a really quick half-a-haircut before school. His look was a big hit.

After school that day we finished cutting his hair (he almost didn't let me because he didn't want to have to take another bath) and then booked it out of the house so some people could come look at it. We made an impromptu, ill-prepared trip to the park. It was only in the upper 40's and none of us had jackets. Edith shivered when she was swinging in the shade, but wasn't too bad in the sun. Big doesn't get cold, apparently. I froze. But, we had fun anyway. Bud and Ginger were smart and just sat in the car listening to music.

I was super excited when Rophone came home from work early on Monday. Such a treat. We all went to pick up the boys together. Edith was so happy to have both her parents there.

I think both Edith and I agree that having Rophone along on tricycle rides makes them even better. I sure do love to see the two of them together. They are such cute besties.

I am so excited that it's Edith's birthday today! I can't wait to post about it (especially now that I'm all caught up!).

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Sue said...

Good job being on top of it! My posts are so long because I'm not so on top of it. :) And I love that Big didn't want to even out his hair with another cut mostly to avoid another bath, haha!