Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Red-Headed Groundhog

Ginger turned 13 on Groundhog's Day. It really seems like Pen should still be 13, but whatever. I was going to wait until after Ginger's friend birthday party this weekend to write this post, but the procrastination was getting on my nerves. I'll just have to include some photos from her friend party in my next photo dump.

Since Ginger's birthday fell on a Sunday, we were able to enjoy it in a leisurely way as a whole family. Kinda nice. Ginger did a lot of reading and listening to music-- two of her favorite pastimes. I hope she found her birthday as relaxing and enjoyable as I'd hoped for her.

She actually let Pen curl her hair, but aborted the mascara attempt after one eye. You can only tell if you really look. I think she was just happy to be doing something with her sister. Edith got in on the action, too, when it came time to paint nails. Fun with sisters is the best. Doesn't Ginger look beautiful?

I fixed Ginger's favorite Chicken Tikka Masala for dinner. It was delish. We haven't had anything with a similar flavor recently so it was a really good choice. Thanks for picking it, Ginger! Mmmmm… just thinking about the leftovers in the freezer makes my mouth water.

After dinner we gave Ginger a chance to open her gifts. She got a pair of shoes and 3 books. Just about perfect, I'd say.

Ginger's cake of choice was a big hit with everyone. I made my go-to chocolate cake and frosted it with stabilized vanilla bean whipping cream, with a little dark chocolate grated on top. 

It really was such a great day, I think. I sure hope Ginger thinks so, too. Happy Birthday, Ginger! We love you!


patti's place said...

Happy birthday to another cute teenager in the family. Great photos, Jana!

Jennifer Wise, Heritage Makers Consultant said...

Aw!! Happy birthday to Ginger! She really does look beautiful! What a fun girl. Happy day!

Sue said...

I'm so sad we missed it! I love all the pictures and she really is a beautiful girl. The pic of her smiling right before blowing out her candles is my fave. :)