Friday, February 28, 2014

Edith's Three!!

I really can hardly believe it, but this happened:

Yup. Edith is three. Amazing. And she even wanted me to take her photo to document the occasion. The lighting wasn't the best where we were at, but there was no way I was going to turn her down. 

We had such a great time hanging out together on her birthday. Edith adored the decorations and was so happy they were just for her. I loved that pretty much every time she walked into the room and saw the decorations she would pause and gleefully shout, "Happy Birthday to ME!" Her pure joy was so great to see. It made me happy.

In the afternoon I made Edith some hot cocoa with whipping cream for a special treat. Birthdays should be like that.

After a dinner of cauliflower soup it was time to open gifts. I don't think Edith was bummed about it.

Always happy to get books. Always.

I love that she gave her new underwear a kiss. It's the little things.

Earlier in the day I asked Edith what she wanted to do now that she's three and she told me, "I think I'll build a unicorn because I really want one. Her name will be Gracie." Good ambitious plans, Edith!

Waiting patiently while Big helps her with the tape on the top of the box.

Hooray! Looks like she won't have to build a unicorn after all. She immediately announced that its name is Gracie. She loves it.

Like you can't tell. Ha!

Edith was kind of spaced out and tired by the time we got to the cake. I got her to focus her attention just long enough to take this cute picture…

…and then she did this weird squinty-eyed thing…

…and then, suddenly, a candle was out! Edith was leaning back in the chair so casually, not appearing to blow, so it took me by surprise. You can see how spaced out she still looks.

Then she focused in again and put some effort into the others. 

Still a little too casual about it all with your arm behind your chair, Edith. That candle lit back up.

There we go. Now on to the last.


The cake was delicious and Edith was so glad that Grandma and Grandpa Gorilla could be there. 

Happy Birthday, Edith! You're the best 3 year old we know. We love you!


Sue said...

So cute. I think you did a great job making her feel special that day! She is such a sweetie.

jww said...

Oh my goodness, I just love this entire post. I love how happy she was. I totally agree with you: "Birthdays should be like that." What a sweet, fun girl. I love Gracie the Unicorn. And her exhausted birthday candles. Those are the sweetest pictures. Happy THREE, Edith!