Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Basketball Quickie

I have just a few minutes to do a quick post about Ginger's basketball season. I only took my camera to one game so, for once, the photos will be few (amazing, I know). I really loved watching Ginger play-- she stays so calm out there, not letting things rile her. She reached a point this season, too, where it seemed like all of a sudden something clicked. Her ball handling became more confident and she even made a 3-point shot in the last game. Way to go, Ginger! I think that having her dad coach her was a great fit.

Here are a few (not-so-great) photos, taken at one of the first games of the season:

I loved seeing Ginger grow and improve this season. Can't wait until next year!

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jww said...

Good job, Ginger!! How fun to watch her progress like that. She rocks.