Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Backet-ball Player

Big has always been more than just slightly addicted to "backet-ball" (as he calls it). Now that Rophone has been playing church basketball games lately, his addiction has reached a whole new level. He has a little basketball hoop in his room that he plays on often throughout the day. 

This morning, Big told me that he was going to play "backet-ball". I said "okay", and went about my business. A few minutes later, he came out like this:

All ready to go. Only slightly too big. Hopefully he won't misjudge and find his toe sticking over the 3-point line when it really counts. 

**Side note-- On Monday night we went to pizza as a family. We were having a great time, enjoying one another's company-- as was evidenced when Bud leaned over to Rophone and said, "I love you,'re so nice and pretty!" Rophone? Pretty?! Erm...yeah. Well, to Bud he is, and that's awesome!

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jwise said...

I love it! :) P.S. Hope you guys are over your "unnamed" bug soon--that REALLY stinks!!