Friday, January 16, 2009

Say What?

Bud loves to sing. Just before lunch today I overheard him singing a Christmas song--

"Silver and mold, silver and mold... everyone's wishing for silver and mold..."

Big has also been making me laugh today. 

When asked what he wants to drink-- "Water.... with butter".

At lunch-- "Cheese.... with butter". 

He actually threw a bit of a fit when I wouldn't put butter on his cheese (I'm sure you butter lovers out there understand).

Another funny thing that I realized yesterday-- Big thinks that one of our cub scouts is named Dangit. It makes me laugh, so I don't think I'll correct him for a while. 

I sure am glad my kids are good for a few laughs, otherwise the daily grind would be much more grinding (grind-ish? grind-like?). 


jwise said...

For sure!! I know--the laughter just saves me some times. Just make sure you write it down so you can pull it out on a day when there aren't laughs but you need one. :)

pixie cut said...

You're family has a talent for lyrics. I can't ever listen to AC/DC without thinking about "dirty deeds and the dunder chief". "Silver and mold" might be better though.

Jen said...

I'll support Big -- everything's better with butter! =D