Monday, January 5, 2009

Growing Up

I have use of my own computer for a while today, so thought I'd take advantage and post a few pictures I took yesterday. A few momentous things happened at church yesterday-- Big stayed in nursery for the entire time (that's a first), and Bud graduated from the nursery to Sunbeams (and wasn't shy-- he sang, answered questions when asked... wow!). When my class was over, I went to meet Rophone, and we were both shocked to see the other was childless! Truly momentous! Our boys are growing up!

Here's Big, looking old (and in need of a nap) as he flips his tongue:

Bud, with the crown he decorated himself:

It was definitely exciting yesterday, but also weird and a little sad. I am moving into a new phase-- a chance to listen to lessons without being distracted by a kid (not having done it for so many years.... well, it's a lot harder than it looks!). Here's to hoping I can stay awake!


Anonymous said...

Handsome fellas! Love to see those hand-me-downs still in use, especially the sweater--bet you can hardly keep from snuggling him when he's wearing it.

Crowns must have been the standard lesson for new Sunbeams, because the Wizard came home with one, too. We have two Sunbeam classes--unheard of for our ward (I know it's fairly typical for a lot of Utah wards). When your whole primary typically has 50-60 kids, it's very unusual to have 10 actively attending Sunbeams!

jwise said...

Great pictures. It is definitely a momentous day!! ENJOY!! :)