Monday, January 5, 2009

Smarty Pants

Big has really been cracking me up lately. He is such a smarty pants! He is really starting to figure out how the system works and is trying to use it to his advantage. 

A few weeks ago we drove Pen to ballet and then ran some errands before going to pick her up. Big was definitely getting tired of being in his car seat, so while we were waiting for Pen to come out of ballet he and I had this conversation:

Big: "Poopy."

Me: "What?"

Big: "I'm poopy."

Me: "I don't smell anything, Big, I don't think you're poopy."

Big: (more insistently) "I'm poopy! Need get out! Change diaper!"

Me: "Are you sure you're poopy, or do you just have to go? I really don't think you're poopy."

Big: "Poopy, poopy, POOPY!"

So, I got out, walked around the car, opened his door, stuck my head in his lap and sniffed. Not poopy.

Me: "Big, you aren't poopy, you don't need your diaper changed and I can't let you out right now."

Big: "Want out! Need out! .... Push the buckon!" 

Me: "Buckon?"

Big: (really exasperated with me now, almost spluttering) "BUTTON!!!"

Nice try, kid. Seriously, pretty smart of him to try to use the "poopy card" to get unbuckled.

The other things he's been doing lately are pretty funny, too. When he wants to do something but thinks he might not get to, he'll say "Daddy said" or "Mommy said". 

For instance, tonight he wanted to turn up the volume on the music, but the other kids didn't want him to since it was plenty loud. Rophone and I heard Big tell the other kids, "Daddy said". Rophone went in there and corrected Big and told him that what Daddy had to say was "No". He was pretty bummed.

When it's really funny, though, is when he comes up to me with a book he wants to read and says, as he's handing it to me, "Mommy said". I've laid down the law apparently (without even knowing it!). 

Big also has started using the other kids first and middle names when he's angry with them or wants them to come or do something. Oh, how it makes us laugh. He is a bossy smarty pants, is what he is. It sure is cute now, but might not go over so well in a couple of years. Good thing he's big.


Jen said...

Yup, I think you're definitely in trouble with that guy. It's always the youngest that learn the attitude so quickly.

The Laundry Queen said...

Ah, but the thing is, he's so dang cute and nice about it. Always doing it with a smile and a laugh. It's so tough to resent him for it.

Lisa Marie said...

HA! It's so funny that you wrote about that. I was just telling Travis last night about how I heard Alex get frustrated with Rogue the other day, and (very authoritatively) say "Rogue Newton!" It was hysterical :) I am so with you on the rest, too. Alex is figuring things out much faster than the boys did... WAY too fast for me!

jwise said...

You could write a book with all the funny things your kids say, I swear! :)