Sunday, January 11, 2009

More Sleep, Please

Another rough night for sleeping last night. You may remember my recent post from when Big was sick-- well, the last two nights have again been filled with frequent moaning. I'm not sure if it was teething or gas, but I do know that it got annoying. Add in Bud's monotone cries of, "Moh-ahm, I need my covers on!".... "Mom, I need to be covered up!", over and over last night.... ugh! I feel like moaning. 

I had another weird awake/asleep dream this time, too. In last night's dream, I was a realtor (probably because I watched back to back episodes of "House Hunters" before retiring), and I was showing two clients some possible homes for them to purchase. 

The clients sat side-by-side in the back seat--one client gripping the seat in front of him, head thrown back, moaning in lamentation of the poor choices I was offering, the other client sitting hunched, as though cold, with his hands pressed tightly between his legs to keep them warm. 

I tried to ignore the moaning, keeping my eyes on the road and speaking in my cheerful "realtor" voice as I extolled the virtues of the next home we were to be seeing. It was difficult, but I was managing... until I kept having to stop the car to re-cover the legs of the cold client with a blanket when he asked (since it kept slipping off and he seemed unwilling to release his hands from the tight grip of his thighs to do it himself). 

I think I learned two things from last night's dream. I don't want to be a realtor, and I definitely need more sleep. 


Jen said...

I think you need more deep sleep, your reality is intruding far too much on what should be reality-free dreams. (This coming from me!) I hope you get better sleep tonight.

Pete Pages said...

I'm so sorry... I'm trying to think of how you can keep that boy warmer at night! Does he come right out of a sleeping bag? Maybe you could roll him up like a burrito in a blanket and then put him under his sheets. Good luck; hope you can snag a nap today...

jwise said...

You DO need more sleep. That was a hilarious dream, though. You are so patient. I'm never that nice to my kids at night.