Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Big's Bad Day

The day was not a stellar one for Big. Today was one of those days where he probably should have just stayed in bed, poor kid. I am completely and utterly surprised that we didn't have to make a visit to the ER. Glad, but surprised.

It all started just about midnight when Big awoke with a severe coughing fit that just wouldn't quit, and a nose that dripped like water. I ended up snuggling with him for several hours until he decided he was ready to go back to bed. 

In the morning, it was more of the same-- incessant coughing, and wiping his nose every 30 seconds (at least!). It took me until 10 am for him to let me eat breakfast. While I was poaching a few eggs, Big asked for a drink, so I turned my back on him just long enough to grab his sippy cup out of the fridge. Yeah, just long enough for him to reach up and touch the hot pan on the stove! (Guess who'll be using only back burners from now on?)

Big was upset again, of course, so I had to do a lot more snuggling and nose wiping. To help raise his spirits, I started letting Big throw the snotty, used pieces of toilet paper into the toilet. He has moved beyond his earlier days of using the toilet seat as a giant teething ring, so I feel quite safe in letting him go in there alone... as long as he comes right back out, that is. 

Anyway, he took a pile of used tissue into the bathroom to throw it away and came back out muttering something like, "Uh, oh. Threw it away." I praised him for a job well done, but he left the room again, looking concerned. Imagine my surprise when, a minute later, he was back with a dripping wet sock in his hand. The boys had taken off their socks and left them next to the pile of tissues, so Big had apparently thrown one in the toilet by mistake. What a smart boy to have fished it out himself, but he left me quite a puddle of toilet water to clean up. 

At this point, I decided I'd give working out a go. Big likes hanging out in the basement while I ride the stationary bike, so I thought it would keep him occupied and maybe close to happy. While I was riding, my legs pumping at a steady and quite rapid clip, Big came over to talk to me. Suddenly he bent over to retrieve something he'd dropped, and before I could stop my little legs from a-pumping.... Whap! I kicked Big right in the face! Hard! Needless to say, a lot more snuggling and nose wiping then ensued. 

I couldn't believe it! Not even lunch time and Big has already burned his hand, fished around in a toilet and been kicked in the face. It's no wonder he begged me to put him down for a nap instead of eating lunch!

Here is a shot of Big post getting kicked in the face. It doesn't show up real well, but see the little sideways 'V' below his right eye? Yeah.... that's the print of my shoelaces on his face. (I told you I kicked him hard!)  

I took pity on the kid and put him down for his nap like he asked. Unfortunately, he only slept about 1/2 hour because he was coughing too much. Nuts! I left him in his crib for a while longer, kind of afraid to get him out (and needing a bit of a break myself, quite frankly). 

When I finally got Big up, it was more of the same-- nose wiping and snuggling. At about 2 o'clock, he finally agreed that he would try and eat something. He was sitting at the table, and things were going alright... until Big started coughing uncontrollably. The next thing I knew, he gagged on mucous and barfed all over the kitchen table. Nice! Needless to say, he said he was done. More snuggling and nose wiping.

At about 3:30, Big started playing on the stairs. I told him I didn't want him to play there, just as he dropped something on the step below where he was standing. As he bent forward to pick it up, that big noggin' of his took him right over. Nuts again! I helplessly listened to the head over heels tumble, ending with a resounding 'THWACK!' as he hit the door frame at the bottom. 

I know you can guess what happened next-- more snuggling and nose-wiping, of course. Here is what he looked like post-tumble-down-the-stairs:

Definitely a little worse for the wear, poor kid. At this point, I was feeling like a very sad (and bad) mommy, so I was grateful to hear Rophone opening the back door as he came home early. As Big got down off my lap to run to his dad I thought, "it's all going to be fine now", just as Big ran smack into a chair --'BONK' --on his way for a hug. Big looked at his dad and moaned, "I hurt." That says it all, poor kid.


Mister said...

At least he fished it out of the toilet. My boy would just giggle as he watched it go down the drain (or get stuck, at the least).

Jen said...

Oh my -- it's amazing any of us survive childhood (or being parents!) I hope today is much better.

jwise said...

:( Poor guy!! I hope he feels better soon, then maybe all those kicked-in-the-face, run-smack-into-a-chair moments would be just a LITTLE easier to take. :(

Lauren said...

What an eventful day! Hopefully tomorrow will go a little better for him.


That is so sad, not just for poor Big, but you too. What a day!