Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Fruit" Snacks

I am not, never have been, nor ever will be a fan of fruit snacks. Everything about them just seems wrong-- the bright colors, the shapes, the firm yet gelatinous texture! They are absolutely nowhere even close to fruit-like.

I hate them already, but what happened this morning solidified those feelings immortally in my brain. Rophone buys fruit snacks on occasion (yes, he knows I dislike them, but I'm no Hitler!), and Big seems to be a bit addicted. When fruit snacks are in the house, he tends to have a one track mind about what he wants to ingest. 

Anyway, Big awoke this morning at about 5 am. (lucky me) and I kept telling him to go back to sleep. At about 6 am I had to endure what was probably only 5 minutes, but felt like 5 hours, of Big yelling, "Fruit snacks! I need fruit snacks!" The stuff of nightmares (if only I could get some sleep, that is).

Is it bad that at times like those I dream of the empty-nester years?  


jwise said...

No, it isn't. :)

I also am not a fruit snack lover. Can't we just call them Toddler Candy? They're so nasty. My oldest was addicted to fruit snacks, too (actually, I think each of my kids was until he/she was about 3). Anyway, our favorite little fruit snack story was about a babysitter my son had once, bless her heart. She was a great babysitter, but she was 14 and she was not a mother. When we came home, she said, "Preston LOVES fruit snacks." I said, "Yeah, he does." She said, "I gave him one package, and then he kept asking for more, and he ended up eating the whole box!"

Ug. (Yeah, his limit was ONE package per day.)

The Laundry Queen said...

The whole box?! I don't even think I could imagine how neon his pooh was (or is it only my kids that get that when they eat too much artificial coloring?). Talk about a sugar high. I'm glad I wasn't there for the inevitable crash a while later. I'm sure my boys would do the same thing, so I think I'll make sure there are no fruit snacks in the house when we leave them with a baby sitter. ; )

Mister said...

C'mon, it's better than Meth...