Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ginger Lost a Tooth!

Today was a banner day for Ginger-- she lost her first tooth! Not much to say about it, really, but quite a momentous occasion. It happened while biting into the burrito that was her school lunch--the school burritos are quite hard, but in a good way, apparently (yeah, I'm not so sure I believe that one, either). I don't normally like the girls to eat school lunch, but doubt that the sandwich I would have sent with Ginger would have done the trick. So, today, school lunch was a good thing. 

Ginger, minus one tooth:

She has already stuck a straw through the hole to take a drink. Congratulations Ginger! 


Lisa Marie said...

It appears to be the same one Eli lost :) Way to go, Ginger!!

jwise said...

congratulations! I bet she's thrilled! :)